Project & Future Plans

Future Plans of Company
  1. Completion of the value chain
  2. Completion of the ABS-RUBBER projects.
  3. Conversion of existing products to more valuable products through implementation of projects like ABS project.
  4. Development of intermediate products to achieve more value creation.
  5. Optimization of production and product development processes.
  6. Planning for using surplus Ethylene of production and investigation of purchasing and constructing another Ethylene production unit.
  7. Erection of Projects for supplying enough feed for %100 capacity of the complex (Possible investment in one of Southern Pars Project Phases).
  8. Investment on PDH project.
  9. Increasing in export capabilities.
  10. Development of new markets by increasing the production cycle or supplying from other producers.
  11. Making Alternations in organization overall structures, improvement processes and systems.
  12. Development of the Human resource .
  13. Improvement of the company’s logistic processes.
  14. Preparing strategic plan for Jam Petrochemical Company.
  15. Achieving license and excellence Award of Iranian National productivity.
Most Important Current Projects
Project Name Project Place
1 ABS-SBS Engineering Phase 2
2 Butane-1 Exporting Tanks Butane 1
3 Building and Transom Offsite
4 Office Building and Transom no. 2 Offsite
5 Replacement of water cooling pipes from GRP to Carbon Steel Phase 1
6 Constructing the 7th Gas Furnace of Olefin plant Phase 1
7 Central Station of Loading Arm Phase 1