Project & Future Plans

Project & Future Plans

Development Plans

In line with the mission and goals of the JAM Petrochemical Company and moving toward development projects with goal of achieving to superior strategic positions, the main responsibility of the engineering and plans unit of this complex are completing the production chain through the production of knowledge based products with higher added value, increasing the capacity of existing units as well, and, finally, the evaluation of the possibility of obtaining foreign currency loans with international guidelines. In order to achieve this, feasibility studies are underway for some of the major development schemes. Therefore, finally, concerning the financial capabilities of the shareholders of the company, it is necessary to make necessary decisions about the implementation and financing of one or several possible schemes by the board of directors and shareholders.



Considering the advantage of access to the vast resources of  feed of propane in the South Pars region, and movement of olefin units to gas crackers and anticipation of increase of demand for product of propylene in the global arena, Initial studies and evaluation of feasibility of establishment of a propylene production unit with using of propane dehydrogenation technology (PDH) and as well as polypropylene production unit at the bottom of the PDH unit as one of the major projects in achieving to goal of production of the high value added products, and preventing from sales of crude material is in the studies program of the engineering department and plans of the JAM Petrochemical Company, and so the technical and economic report is prepared by an international company, And correspondence and negotiations has been done to obtain of feed permissions, land, technology and financial recourse.


Acrylonitrile Unit (ACN)

Acrylonitrile as a raw material of production of ABS resins, acrylic fibers and etc. plays an important role in the manufacturing of synthetic and chemical fibers. Due to the fact that the primary material for production of  acrylonitrile is propylene and has the good consumption market and It’s not done yet the production of this substance in Iran, This unit is one of the important schemes for achieving to the goal of producing high value added products and preventing of sale of raw materials and as well as one of available feeds of ABS  unit in the JAM Petrochemical Company, is in the studies program of the Engineering Unit and plans of the JAM Petrochemical Company, And all preliminary agreements has been received from the companies of owner of  technology.


Ethan Recovery Unit

Ethan is one of the most important and strategic feeds of the olefin units, and its production, in addition to feed guarantee, plays an important role in prosperity and development economic and as well as job creation, Therefore, the investment and participation in the existing unit of Ethan Recovery, in addition to the creation of the added value of ethylene production, will provide a permanent supply of feed of JAM Petrochemical Company, and was and is one of the strategic goals of JAM Petrochemical Company.

Projects of MTBE, Methathesis, Iso Butylene

In order to achieve the goal of creating added value for JAM Petrochemical Company products, return raffinate from the Butadiene Extraction Unit (BD) are under review and feasibility studies as one of the potentials for higher value added products, among the aforementioned projects as development projects taking into account environmental requirements and the markets for production and consumption of this substance, Finally, one of the above projects will be finalized and implemented, taking into account environmental issues and how available markets, as well as the being economic of the scheme and availability of technology.


Projects of Compounding

Considering that JAM Petrochemical Company is one of the largest producers of polyolefin products, and also the production of ABS products will soon be part of the company’s product, It is imperative that the compounding projects of the produced polymers be one of the company’s projects in order to create value added and as well as supply the domestic needs, that reports of evaluation of market, as well as initial negotiations are under way with strong domestic and foreign companies.


Improvement plans and increasing capacity of existing units of JAM Petrochemical Company

Schemes of increasing capacity of existing units with lower production costs compared to new units can be one of the main goals of each production unit. Considering that these schemes do not involve the addition of a new and parallel line of production, and merely is including combined costs including the cost of new equipment and the modification and upgrade of number of existing equipment beside current equipment, Therefore, implementation of schemes of increasing of capacity and optimization will lead to increasing of production with cost savings, Therefore, meantime the initial negotiations with the technology owners of the existing units and as well as with other powerful and experienced companies in this regard, are provided the initial proposals for providing an explanatory report and  determine of description of the work.