Jam Petrochemical Company at the K2019 Trade Fair alongside the Petrochemical industry leaders
Jam Petrochemical Company is presenting at the K2019 trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany with the slogan "Innovation, Creation, Sustainable Solution" alongside the leaders of the petrochemical industry.
Jam Petrochemical has the potential to play a key role in the petrochemical industry
Mohammad Reza Saeedi, “Jam has the potential to play a key role in both petroleum product development, market development, variation, and the market.”
Director of Jam Petrochemicals visits the Knowledge-based pavilion at IranPlast Exhibition
Progress, Development, and synergy with the help of knowledge-based companies as well as passionate young people are the main points in the petrochemical industry.
Jam Petrochemical Strategy: Variation in Products and Market Expansion
"We have overcome sanctions while they are a challenge. We have had no problems with production and foreign sales," Jam Petrochemical CEO said.
The celebration of the Jam Petrochemical Female Athletes
Jam Petrochemical Public Relations reported that the female medalist of the Jam Petrochemical Company celebrated in the national competitions for girls and women Petrochemical Companies with the participation of Ali Sarzaeem, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning of the Ministry of Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare and Mohammad Reza Saeedi CEO of Jam Petrochemical Company.
15% increase in capacity of one of the Jam Petrochemical Olefin units
[With the implementation of the Revamp 106-Olefin Furnace Development Plan and the 90-day test, a 15 percent increase in gas and liquid feed capacity in Jam Petrochemical implemented]
Extended Integrated Management System Certificates (IMS) and Energy Management System (EMS)
[The integrated management system (IMS) and energy management system (EMS) certifications were extended by the TUV NORD Iran-Germany Company.]
CHINAPLAS 2019 exhibition, an opportunity to introduce and sell Jam Petrochemicals products
At the CHINAPLAS exhibition, good negotiations were conducted with the well-known companies and major customers of polymeric and chemical products of Jam and suppliers of various chemicals-additives in the huge Chinese market.
Supply of raw materials and product sales, the result of negotiations at CHINAPLAS 2019
At the CHINAPLAS 2019, Jam Petrochemical Company started to negotiate with major purchasers of its polymeric products and suppliers of various chemicals-additives and alternative catalysts in the big Chinese market.