ABS-Rubber line

JPC’s the most important development project is ABS production line which will be established in the second phase of South Pars Special Economic Zone (Assaluyeh) and is expected to be operational by 2019. This plant’s annual production capacity will be 200,000 MT of ABS and 36,000 MT of Rubber.
ABS market analysis was made based on ICIS 2013 report. According to this report, ABS consumption in 2012 was about 616 million MT which showed 2% increase by 2013 and is expected to have a 4% annual growth by 2025. ABS is mostly used in electronic and automobile industries.
Currently, domestic ABS production capacity is about 70,000 MT (nominal capacity). Market analyses shows that by 2017, domestic consumption of this product will reach to 100,000 MT, whilst JPC will supply 40,000 MT of this demand and the rest will be exported.
The total investment of this project is expected to be about 520 million USD, with IRR of 36.25% and IRRE of 96.40%. Middle East (specially Iran and Saudi Arabia), are considered as world leaders in production of Naphtha and LPG and consequently raw materials for ABS. The core competencies of producing ABS are: reduced raw material and its transportation costs and Iran’s proximity to the European markets in comparison with South Eastern producers.