Policy of Education Management

Jam Petrochemical Company, as one of the largest manufacturers of Olefin products in Iran, tries to turn into a superior learning organization in order to earn a rightful position in the global petrochemical competition. Considering the belief that education is  a must for the organization overall development, this company has set its Education Management System on the basis of ISO 10015 standard to promote its necessary  scientific and technical capabilities, skills and competencies of its personnel. Jam Petrochemical Company seeks achieving the following objectives through utilizing state of the art technologies and software:

  1. Providing a training based on the real needs with a prospective view to the every second  changes of the company through advancement of the knowledge levels and technical skills of the personnel;
  2. Improving training process and satisfactory level of the staff through effective communication;
  3. Knowledge production in the organization through providing papers, books and other scientific activities;
  4. Exchanging knowledge and experience with other companies thorough exchange of services;
  5. Promoting technical and scientific levels of contractors;
  6. 6.Raising skills and knowledge of the staff's family;
  7. Company management expressed its commitment to the above, all colleagues are expected to make due efforts for fulfilling this policy.

Seyed Hosein Mirafzali

 CEO and Board Member

Doc. Code: 1000-D-001/05

Date: 2015-11-29