Introduce Jam Petrochemical Company

Jam Petrochemical Company or JPC in its declaration has started as ‘a development projects of Iran’s National Petrochemical Industries’ situated in the Asalooyeh Petrochemical Free Zone since 1999 to act as the world's largest Olefin manufacturing plant. This company has been established to produce Olefins and Low Linear Density and High Density Polyethylene. JPC has divers manufacturing sections holding especial features including Olefin, High Density Polyethylene, Linear Polyethylene, Butadiene and Butane-1. The company has been able to get its share in the region and global markets and it has been considered by major rivals in the Petrochemical Industry, in addition to play its outstanding role in huge plans chain of the pars Especial Economic Zone.

Duration of plan, install and launch execution

preliminary actions began to execute plan such as excavation, land grading, piling, creating temporary buildings, erecting facilities, water and power. Meanwhile , as for the distinct features of the company’s outlook, it was identified and implemented as the following: Our ideal, developing internal capabilities. During the company’s overall existance, which has coincided with the project progress, the company has selected and used project control approach to confirm results and survey on the activities. According to the approach, all the project information was accumulated, analyzed and compared, based on the identified WBS structure and then to be provided in different managerial reports; the reports’ results were depicted in daily (expert level), weekly (managerial level) and monthly (National Petrochemical Industries Company level) sessions which led to appropriate decisions to solve problems.

Transiting and passing periods

Final phases of petrochemical industry projects were coincided with preparing conditions to kick off plants and relevant efforts to achieve a conformed product and nominal and designed capabilities. Sensitiveness and especial conditions in the period require a careful operational program to create infrastructures, in order to move to constant operational conditions .In a year, the company leaders identified the relevant objectives and tasks of all sections and then notified these objectives to all plants and personnel.

Stability and operation duration

After a successful launching of the plants, (with unique global features and achieving production Olefin record in the world), Jam Petrochemical Company selected and followed new and systematic strategic programming approach , as a new roll player in the region to find its real role and concrete its stance.


Geographical location

Jam Petrochemical Company locates in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) in a land area of approximately 77 acres out of which 41 acres were gained by drying the sea. Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) has been initiated in the Southern Pars Field to exploit petroleum and gas resources and to implement economic activities in Petroleum, gas and Petrochemical fields, according to the license from the High Council of Iran’s Free Zones regulations. JPC has been considered as one of petrochemical projects which exploits from the Southern Pars Field in Third Program to boost the country’s Economy. The company as 10th Olefin plan is one of the largest and most important petrochemical projects in the region that its establishment has been identified beside plan of gas and petrochemical phases. Easy access to feed, fuel and primary materials; using road facilities and sea transportation; airport availability; access to the required water; as well as helping to develop Bushehr Province as petrochemical industry pole of the country; creating value added; preventing to burn petroleum gases are amid the eminent features to select the ground for setting petrochemical company and they have turned the region as one of non-petroleum export bases of the country.

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