Integrated Management Policy

Jam Petrochemical Company, as one of the largest manufacturers of Olefin products in Iran, bounds itself to endeavor around the following aspects in order to earn an appropriate position in the competitive global petrochemical market to achieve the goals of the organization's vision and realize the missions of the company through value creation and earning profit for its stakeholders or partners.
  1. Continuous improving of value chain processes of the organization relying on monitoring, optimization and innovation of the processes;
  2. Developing customer orientation on the basis of producing quality products and services, and achieving customer satisfaction by developing a systematic structure; knowing of the views of the customers and responding to their complaints;
  3. .Reducing wastes and environmental pollutants of the production operation and trying to for apply clean production processes;
  4. Efficient energy consumption, underlining the preventive measures, observing laws and providing equipment with optimal energy fficiency;
  5. Empowering employees and creating a learning organization aiming at enhancement of productivity;
  6. Establishing a dynamic interaction with the organization’s holders & reliance on empathy, participation and using their capabilities;
  7. Establishment of a safe and healthy working atmosphere along with a proactive approach;
  8. Doing its best for a bright presence in the international arena.

To ensure the advancement of an integrated and systematic infrastructure to make excellence and realization of the goals, we have placed priorities on the organization’s agenda observing the standard requirements of:

  • Quality Management: ISO 10004, ISO 10002, ISO9001
  • Environmental Management: ISO 14001, ISO50001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management: OHSAS18001

We commit ourselves to periodic revision of the management systems and also compliance with all relevant laws and regulations of the state and the organization.


Seyed Hosein Mirafzali

 CEO and Board Member

Doc. Code: 1000-D-001/05

Date: 2015-11-29