Integrated Management Policy

Official Translation

Jam Petrochemical Company (Private Joint Stocks)

Integrated Management System Policy (IMS)

Jam Petrochemical Company has been established for producing and investing in petrochemical industry and competing in global market, so that by entrepreneurial and customer orientation through using obligated and expert human resources relationship, developing learning capabilities, innovative, network and operational activities, optimized allocating resources and respecting environment, will create value and sustainable development. In this regard, this company obligates itself for trying toward the following cases;

1-     Increasing sustainable produce and completing value chain of products

2-     Improving quality of products and representing suitable services toward customer satisfaction

3-    Increasing share in International Markets

4-    Trying toward prevention from environmental pollution by focusing on clean produce processes

5-    Supporting supply, design and rendering useful products and services of energy and continuous improving energy operation

6-   Taking precautionary measures, removing and reducing dangers and safety risk and occupational health for supplying safe and health occupational conditions for prevention from injury and diseases results from occupation

7-    Empowering organization’s employees and making a learner organization for improving productivity   

To ensure from making an integrated and systematic infrastructure, and also accessibility of data and required resources for achieving macro and micro goals in the fields of quality management, environment, energy, safety and health, this company observing the necessities of standards:

ISO9001:2015    Quality Management System

ISO14001:2015  Environmental Management System

ISO50001:2018  Energy Management System

ISO45001:2018  Occupational Safety and Health Management System

as its priorities, and obligates itself to continuous improve, periodical review of management systems, observe all of obligations, rules and regulations related to civil and organizational.

Signed & sealed by;

Mohammadreza Saeedi, CEO & Vice-chairman

Board of directors

Code: 1000-D-001/08

22 September 2020