Project & Future Plans



In line with the mission and goals of the JAM Petrochemical Company and moving toward development projects with goal of achieving to superior strategic positions, the main responsibility of the engineering and plans unit of this complex are completing the production chain through the production of knowledge based products with higher added value, increasing the capacity of existing units as well, and, finally, the evaluation of the possibility of obtaining foreign currency loans with international guidelines. In order to achieve this, feasibility studies are underway for some of the major development schemes. Therefore, finally, concerning the financial capabilities of the shareholders of the company, it is necessary to make necessary decisions about the implementation and financing of one or several possible schemes by the board of directors and shareholders.

1. Construction and commissioning of a new PDH/PP unit 

Considering the advantages of access to the abundant resources of propane feed in the South Pars Zone, the trend of replacement the olefin  units  with the gas crackers and the prediction of increasing  demand for propylene in the world, the preliminary studies have been done on technical and economic comparison of On- Purpose  methods for propylene production by engineering and projects department . These studies focus  on the feasibility of establishing the third phase of JPC, including  two units:  Propylene Production Unit with propane dehydrogenation technology (PDH) and a new polypropylene production unit ,in  cooperation with Nexant  company and the licensors  of the  mentioned technologies. The main purposes of the studies are achieving  products with  higher added value and preventing  of sell materials in the form of raw. Following the completion of the above report, achieving  land and feed permissions , technology transfer agreements  are ongoing  in parallel with other items such as  negotiations with international contractors and  evaluating  financial resources.

2. Expansion units

Expansion of existing units with lower production costs compared to new ones could be one of the main purposes of each unit. Considering that such projects are carried out with the lowest cost of purchasing new equipment, mainly through optimization of operational conditions and revamping  some  existing equipment, expansion via increasing capacity and revamping will lead to increased production and  cost saving. In this regard, ongoing projects in engineering and projects department are mentioned below:

2.1. Olefin unit expansion

There have  been done negotiations  with licensors  and received relevant proposals for economic and technical studies in order to solve operational problems and determine the best scenario for  capacity increase. After many meetings, all issues have been examined and clarification about contract and technical points  done. Jam Petrochemical Company is taking actions about the above contracts.

2.2. HDPE unit expansion 

Due to sanctions imposed by United States and discontinuance of cooperation with Basell Company, which has  led to failure in providing the catalyst approved by licensor to Jam Petrochemical Company and other similar units in Iran, it is necessary to consider operational bottlenecks arising from replacement of new catalysts and optimization  possibility of production process with the least changes in existing equipment. Achieving to these  aims  will be considered on the JPC agenda. In this regard, after negotiations with well-known  international  companies, we are preparing the contract.

2.3. Compounding project 

As Jam Petrochemical Company is one of the largest producers of polyolefin products and production of ABS polymer products will soon be part of the company’s products portfolio , it is crucial  to consider compounding projects with the policy of using global updated technologies in form of partnerships and cooperation with powerful domestic and international knowledge-based complexes with the aim of creating added- value and also meeting the demands of domestic and international markets. In this regard, negotiations with domestic and foreign companies are ongoing . 

3. Investigation on partnership in other projects or buying stocks of petrochemical companies

In order to increase the diversity of products, proper management of feed , side products and the promotion of international position of Jam Petrochemical Company, the possibility of partnership or purchasing the stocks of some projects and petrochemical companies will be studied in economic and technical  aspects . In addition to holding specialized multilateral meetings , the related reports will be submitted to the board of directors of Jam petrochemical company.