Vision, Mission, Goals, Values


Customers’ preference, beneficiaries optimal
We will make it possible by sustainable and innovative solutions.

Jam Petrochemical Complex has been developed in order to produce and make investments in petrochemical industry and to compete in global markets, in which to be able to create values and sustainable development by entrepreneurial approach and customer orientation, through deploying committed and skilled human capital, developing innovative, network and operative educational possibilities, optimal allocation of resources and respecting the environment. 

  1. Major Goals of Jam Petrochemical Complex:
    1. Sustainable increase in production
    2. Completing the products’ value chain
    3. Globalizing the quality of products
    4. Improving the depth of attendance in international markets
    5. Deepening the image of Jam Petrochemical Complex’s business name

vital values
  1. Taking care of shareholders’ fiduciary
  2. A challenge for achieving success
  3. Practical belief for conserving the environment
  4. Continuous planning for organizational efficiency and excellency 
  5. Effective contact with customers
  6. Developing the culture of learning, innovation and creativity
  7. Paying attention to workforces and their families