Vision, Mission, Goals, Values


The Jam Petrochemical Company as a commitment company is considered as a preference symbol with competitiveness preference in higher level of the world petrochemical industry field.

As a market-oriented company and leader in petrochemical industry and supplier of diversified products in olefin chain, Jam Petrochemical Company seeks to achieve maximum value through development of value chain and increase of sustainable completive advantage in international scale. This company, as one of the largest olefin complexes in Iran and the world, is committed to meet the expectations of the stakeholders, safe and sustainable production, accepting social responsibilities and improve the environment relying on human capital and using unique position of Iran.

  1. Development and completion of value chain of olefin-based productions.
  2. Increasing flexibility and diversity of products in accordance with market needs.
  3. Development of strategic relationships and partnership with companies to create greater value for the company.
  4. Continuous improvement of managerial structures, systems, processes and practices to increase company efficiency.
  5. Design and operation of integrated systems of Management Information System (MIS) and Knowledge Management (KM).
  6. Utilizing the latest international scientific and technological achievements for organizational learning and excellence.
  7. Ever-increasing value creation for customers and strengthening international competitive advantage.
  8. Institutionalizing and continuous improvement in customer relationships and other stakeholders.
  9. Continuous strengthening of moral values and ever-increasing attention to social responsibilities.
  10. Hiring, retaining, developing and utilizing human capital in accordance with company strategies.

vital values
  1. Human beings are noble and spiritual creatures and they deserve respect and merit proportionate to their spiritual value and dignity. This is our important criteria for approaching the staff and the clients.
  2. Jam Petrochemical Company is not just after doing business, but it looks to do good works, also. This is our social responsibility and to do so, we should first do our duty properly.
  3. Preserving and protecting of shareholders rights and other stakeholders and paying special attention for protecting the environment.
  4. Legalism; we regard administering national and international laws related to our mission and the performance of the company as an infrastructural value.
  5. Alignment and coordination of the organization goals with personal goals of the staff for balancing work and family, so as to provide the employee's satisfaction and loyalty.
  6. Continuous organizational excellence so as it manifest in whatever we perform.
  7. We like our clients to buy our products because of our reputation and quality level.
  8. We regard being economical as an intrinsic part of our business in Jam Petrochemical Company, therefore; we do care for protecting company's resources as much we do care and are vigilant for our personal resources.
  9. Quality assurance of processes, products and customer-orientation.
  10. Developing a culture of learning, innovation, creativity, continuous improvement, teamwork and participation.