Rashedi explained the important usages of grades produced by Jam Petrochemical

Rashedi explained the important usages of grades produced by  Jam Petrochemical
The research and technology director of Jam Petrochemical Co. explained the characteristics of its new grades and mentioned their various and important usages.
According to the public relations department of Jam Petrochemical, the research and technology director of Jam Petrochemical Co., this afternoon at the presentation of 8 products of Jam Petrochemical Co., expressed: These 8 products are being produced in Iran for the first time and it brings more than one hundred million dollars in currency.
Dr. Reza Rashedi, pointing to the consumption of three grades from the 8 products, named CC52501, CC52502, and CC52503 SU, added:  The consumption of these three products is in the production of liquid bottles’ caps.  According to the needs of the producer, one of these products is used.
In continuation, he said: For this product to cover the subordinate industries and be responsive, these grades are designed and produced with two different molecular weights.  Hence, they will be responsive to the needs of subordinate industries.
In continuation, while emphasizing the consumption of caps in various food industries, including carbonated and un-carbonated drinks, mineral water, fruit juices, diet and regular carbonated drinks, and …, Rashedi said:  The cap for carbonated drinks needs to have high resistance against chemical and environmental stresses, but in un-carbonated drinks, the caps don’t need this high resistance.
The research and technology director of Jam Petrochemical Co. further said:  The additives in these grades should be designed such that at lower temperatures it does not have the ability to migrate toward the piece to contact the contents of the bottle, and in lower temperatures since the sensitivity to stresses is higher, the product should be such that it shows more resistance and endurance, and this fact has been noted precisely in many researches.
Regarding the production of HDS5000S grade (whose usage is in the production of ropes and fishing nets, Dr. Reza Rashedi expressed: Ropes and fishing nets should be technically physically and mechanically fit and resistant to tensile stresses, and have appropriate chemical resistance in the environment of sea water.  Considering the final usage of the ropes, they should have high uv resistance.  With scientific analysis and research in this area, we have been successful in the production of this grade with specific environmental conditions.
The research and technology director of Jam Petrochemical Co. regarding the production of PE100 grade and its usage in the production of transfer pipelines said:  This is a strategic product produced at Jam Petrochemical Co. and has many uses in agriculture, industry, and water and gas transfer pipelines.
In continuation, Rashedi added: Today, the use of poly-ethylene (PE) material in pressured irrigations systems and gas has had significant growth, and we are observing the production of different kinds of PE, whose third generation of this growing trend is PE100 material that were introduced in Europe in the 1990s as an appropriate grade for pipelines.  PE10 grade at Jam Petrochemical is produced with the latest technology in the petrochemical industry and has an exceptional performance with regards to characteristics and lifetime compared to competing products.  The unique design and commercial supply of polymer products with high added value and special characteristics is in the work order of the research and technology group at Jam Petrochemical and in the near future we will see the commercialization of a few more products.
Aug 22, 2016 12:38
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