Mir afzali: we will produce all the demand of the country in PE100 black pipes

Mir afzali: we will produce all the demand of the country in PE100 black pipes
The seminar meeting of the members of the board of directors to the guild of polyethylene pipe producers with managing director of Jam Petrochemical was held in the office of this company.



According to the public relations of Jam Petrochemical, engineer Hossein Mir Afzali mentioned the production of PE100 grade in Jam Petrochemical in this seminar: In the time of sanctions, unfortunately Basel company did not sell the needed cataly


st for production of this grade to the Iranian companies and we faced many problems for producing this product. But now in Jam Petrochemical we are able to produce this catalyst with cooperation of a Chinese company which has this technology and god willing we will produce all the demand of the country in PE100 black pipes.
He then added: with twenty four hours efforts of domestic experts in the resistant economy year we are able to break the spell of supplying the necessary catalyst and master batch which leads to flourish of domestic production and employment in various industries.
The managing director of Jam Petrochemical noted: now that the problem of producing black pipe grade has vanished, we are prepared to provide the raw material for producers of black polyethylene and instead of provision from South Korea and Saudi Arabia, we are empowered to provide the raw material for the giant polyethylene pipe producers with signing long-term contracts and there is no need to imports anymore.
He then continued: in the case of more demand from the market and domestic manufacturers we are empowered to cover up to one million tonne from this grade and the capacity in of pipe production in the country.
Engineer Mir Azali stated that for supporting the domestic production with necessary guarantees, we are prepared for contractual sell of raw material to the guild of polyethylene pipe manufacturers and certified that Jam Petrochemical is ready to inject 300 thousands tonne of black pipe grade to the domestic market annually. Now the context for signing long-term contract is ready and if the guild is prepared we can supply the raw material for flourishing the domestic production.
The managing director of Jam Petrochemical with mention to the PE100 grade pipe production stated: with production of this grade in Jam Petrochemical, we prevent exit of 400 million dollars from the country annually and with injection of 300 housand tonnes to the market, polyethylene pipe manufacturers can employ several thousand more people in the field of polyethylene pipe production.
Sahhaf: pipe grade of Jam Petrochemical is the highest quality grade in the market.
In the following of this meeting, the managing director of polyethylene pipe producers guild stated that the pipe and junctions market needs 400 thousand tonnes of black grade pipe annually because alongside the domestic market, Persian Gulf countries and neighbors of Iran are also customers of these pipes and the raw material of these black pipes are produced by Jam Petrochemical.
Biok Sahhaf indicated: Jam Petrochemical is the only manufacturer of black grade pipe in the country and we expect that close cooperation will be conducted with the guild of polyethylene pipe producers in order to reach a common model for supplying the raw material for black pipe producers.
He then stated that the gas company and ministry of agriculture and water and sewage company are the main customers of black pipes and indicated that: we are interested to sign long-term contract for purchasing black grade pipe with Jam Petrochemical and this would happen we can present the regional market of black pipe with increasing our production.
Managing director of guild of polyethylene pipe producers insisted: in terms of quality the grade of Jam Petrochemical pipe is the highest quality grade in the market and most of the customers demand pipes with raw material from Jam


Petrochemical because it has the best quality in Iran and foreign markets.



Aug 24, 2016 18:10
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