Jam Petrochemical’s directors meeting with a group of Italian economic officials

Jam Petrochemical’s directors meeting with a group of Italian economic officials
Italian economic officials met with Jam Petrochemical directors at their central office.
According to the public relations department of Jam Petrochemical, a group of Italian investors discussed investments in Iran’s petrochemical industry in Jam Petrochemical’s central office.  The aim of this group of Italian investors from visiting Iran is to analyze investment opportunities regarding petroleum and petrochemical industries of Iran through large European banks.
The CEO of Jam Petrochemical, welcoming Italian investor’s in Iran’s petrochemical industry, in this meeting stated:  We are planning to expand our activities in various fields, and hence we are interested in cooperating with foreign investors for developing new units in the company.
 Mr. Mir Afzali expressed: We are planning to establish two PHD and PP units in the company, and this is a good opportunity for the presence of foreign investors in Iran’s petrochemical industry.  We are prepared to provide necessary guarantees for foreign investors so they can invest in Iran’s petrochemical industry.
Jam Petrochemical’s CEO emphasized: We have had a good experience, in the past, regarding cooperating with Italians in Mobarake Steel Co. of Isfahan that resulted in mutual profits or both parties.  We hope to repeat this experience at Jam Petrochemical.
In continuation of this meeting, Mr. Ernesto Paulio, the caretaker of this group of Italian investors, while expressing delight from presence at Jam Petrochemical, stated:  We are sincerely interested in economic activities in Iran, and we are prepared to make use of big European banks for investing in Iran’s petrochemical industry, so that we can begin a long-term cooperation.
He added: We welcome your proposal for investing in the PHD and PP units at Jam Petrochemical.  We will examine this proposal and act on it quickly.  We hope to reach an agreement in this regard in the near future.
It is noteworthy that Mr. Ernesto Paulio is a member of the board of directors of Intermilan, Italy, and the former CEO of the third largest bank in Europe, and a shareholder of Fiat Company.
Oct 19, 2016 17:20
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