Holding Petrochemical and Energy Seminar Hosted by JPC (Jam Petrochemical Company)

Holding Petrochemical and Energy Seminar Hosted by JPC (Jam Petrochemical Company)
Petrochemical and energy seminar was held by assist of Elite Foundation of Boushehr Province, Iran’s association of chemical engineering and Persian Gulf University hosted by Jam petrochemical company.
Reported by public relations of JPC, today morning a petrochemical and energy congress started together with presence of Seyed Hossein Mir-Afzali, the managing director of JPC, and senior managers of company and a large group of invitees and elites of university. 
Dr. Reza Rashedi, research and development manager of JPC welcomed the invitees and attendees in the conference at the beginning, and then he presented a report of research and technological activities of JPC and said: energy and petrochemical seminar was held with assistant of elite foundation of Boushehr province, Iran’s association of chemical engineering and Persian Gulf university hosted by JPC. In the following, he was grateful for supports of managing director to hold this conference. 
In the rest, Seyed Hossein Mir-Afzali, the managing director of JPC, gave an explanation about importance and energy consumption in household and factories uses and added that gas company with 250 billion cubic meters of production should have a revenue around 250 billion dollars, but the revenue which it can obtain is less than a third of this amount and its major part comes from petrochemicals. 
I suggest that one of the future years be named as the year of frugality in energy consumption, I hope that it will be recorded in the macro-policy of country. Moreover, the government can spend one billion dollars a year for making the frugality in energy consumption a culture. The culture of energy consumption in Iran has severe problems and according to Islamic culture and hadiths and narratives, we shall modify our culture for disapproval of prodigality. We wish that people paid real cost of energy and the rest of the money could be paid to citizens with low incomes as subsidy. Our rules in this field have been added into the other reasons and promoted consumerism more than before. 
Mirafzali reminded: very soon, gas of Asaaluyeh area will be declined and up to 5 next years, the rate of gas production will be stabilized about 500 million cubic meters a day and the cost of gas maintenance will be raised. With this rapid upward trend of consumption, in next ten years the gas reservoirs will be dropped and we will confront with the problem of gas supply severely. Now, we should think of a solution. Lack of proper culture-making regarding gas consumption will lead to
 great harms for the national economic part of society.
A great volume of Nitrogen, Hydrogen and dioxide carbon with high purity are generated in this area. The national company of petrochemical industries pursuit some projects to control these cases. A unit for Ammoniac and a very big unit for urea together with nitrogen and dioxide Carbone and hydrogen produced in petrochemicals will be started up very soon, providing very useful environmental and economic effects for this area. 
The managing director of JPC stated: cessation of productive units has great environmental pollutions and we should decrease the suspension percentage of petrochemical companies by repairing and preserving these units properly. There are lots of experiences as insular experiences among petrochemical companies that must be shared and should have more impacts. We should make attempts to have increase in production capacity in units. No one is satisfied with nominal capacity and we should reach the capacity of more than 100 percent. This affair has been reviewing in JPC and other companies can treat like this, making less production pollution and increasing frugality and profitability. 
According to the opinions of experts in energy field, the future world will deal with solar energy, and it will be the unique pioneer of electricity production in the world in next 10 years. 1 Giga-watt solar power plant will be set up in the world. Due to its geographical and regional position, Iran possesses particular capacities to generate solar energy. Petrochemical and industrial companies can support the investors regarding this issue, and they can be the best sponsor of solar energy production with economic outlook in vulnerable areas of country. 

At the end, National Elites Foundation of Boushehr province dedicated some certificates of appreciation as memorial to Messrs. Seyed Hossein Mirafzali, JPC managing director, Seyed Reza Ghasemi Shahri, manager of complex, Dr. Reza Rashedi, research and development manager, and Akbar Abolhasani, responsible of olefin and petrochemical researches of JPC.

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