The salient achievement of Jam petrochemical company in second course of national award for energy management

The salient achievement of Jam petrochemical company in second course of national award for energy management
JPC achieved the energy plaque of appreciation, acknowledgement of energy excellent manager and license of index of excellent energy management system in second course of national award for energy management.
According to the report of JPC public relations, the second course of national award for energy management was officially terminated by holding the closing ceremony on Monday, 20 of Dey in conference hall of studies center, and coupled with the presence of authorities in field of energy and representatives of superior companies.
In this course of national award for energy management which was held with nearly 90 active companies in field of energy consuming industries, JPC achieved a plaque of appreciation and three certificate of appreciation and became the pioneer of gaining awards in this term. 
The national award of energy management follows the purposes of standard promotion of energy management system, criteria of energy optimum consumption and development of culture achieving organizational aims by concepts of energy management and also, making motivation for owners of different industries; thus, in these regards, this award has been presented by industrial management organization. This course of national award was held for the second consecutive year by calling the association and cooperation of fuel consumption Optimization Company, energy efficiency organization of Iran, headquarter of energy optimization and environment, presidential deputy of science and technology, and national standard organization of Iran.
Management team of JPC decided to participate in this convention this year for the first time in order to evaluate the affaires conducted in this company from its constitution time and to recognize the energy rank of JPC among other energy consumption industries. 
For this purpose, the company’s manifest in national award of energy management was recorded in relevant secretariat in Mordad of this year, and after initial evaluation and attaining conditions, the necessary arrangements were made to carry out the second stage of evaluation and for presence of evaluators in complex location. 
Hence, in Mehr, evaluators investigated the energy management system, technical reports of energy unit and energy documentations for three days, and their final repost was declared to the managing director of company in meeting room. 
Closing ceremony of the second course of national award for energy management was held in order to acknowledge the superior companies in field of energy. During this closing, the authorities in the hall thanked the present companies and defined the current situation of energy in country, and made a speech about the recent achievements obtained in this regard. 
In this congress, Qezelbash, the general director of monitoring on services’ standards and criteria of energy consumption, presented the report of the executive committee of holding national award for energy management, and then, Falahatian, the deputy of energy minister made a speech about electricity and energy, and Iranmanesh, head of energy international center made a lecture. 
At the end, the representatives of superior units of energy were invited to receive the license, and Kermani and Shiri on behalf of Jam petrochemical company participated in this ceremony and the prosperity of JPC were notified to them. 
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