Opening of the most equipped lab of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone in Jam Petrochemical Company

Opening of the most equipped lab of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone in Jam Petrochemical Company
Engineer Rezaii informed about opening of the most equipped metallurgy laboratory of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone in Jam Petrochemical Complex.
As reported by the public relations section of Jam Petrochemical Company, explaining about establishment and launch of metallurgy laboratory in Jam Petrochemical Complex, Mr. Hadi Rezaii, the welding supervisor and technical inspection NDT and founder of metallurgy laboratory, said: 
With respect to the conditions and needs of the company and logistics units and maintenance and technical inspection for verification and testing of metal materials and equipment, which must be assessed at the time of purchase or by manufacturing companies to obtain technical approval for import or use and also different failures occurring during maintenance of the equipments, active resources and labs in the country were repeatedly used and this involved a high expense for the company, and with respect to the presence of colleages in technical inspection who had materials engineering degrees and sufficient academic expertise and experience in the field of physical and mechanical testing of metals, the idea of founding such a lab was developed and in 1394, this idea was registered as a suggestion in the suggestions system of Jam Petrochemical Company. The mentioned idea was then evaluated and verified by the evaluation committee.
The welding section supervisor and technical inspection NDT of Jam Petrochemical Company explained about the importance of this lab:
By founding and launching this lab different objectives could be pursued and achieved. 
The most important benefit of this lab is that needed specialist reviews will be henceforth performed by our colleagues in the company and in very shorter time periods and it will also involve Rial savings for the company. Also, with respect to the presence of young, educated and qualified personnel, this lab can be used for research objectives and cooperation with academic and educational centers.
Then, he explained about the difference between metalugy and metallurgy and stated: the science of metal working or metallurgy is a branch of materials science which deals with extraction of metals and metalworking. But it has been repeatedly observed that the term metalugy is mistakenly used instead of metallurgy, which is a common mistake and most graduates of materials-metallurgy engineering assert on the correct written and spoken form of this term.
Metallurgy involves the processing of ores to extract the metal they contain, melting them, filtration, bullion making, making alloys, metalworking and forming. This field is a sub branch of solid mechanics which is being taught since 1375 in universities of Iran. 
In general, materials science deals with the study of properties of solids and involves metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. Metallurgy mainly deals with metals and their structure and in post-graduate courses, properties and uses of other solids are studied. Metallurgy industry has long been known as a key industry and with increasing technological advancements, its role and applications are becoming more diversified. With respect to the increasing development of research and technology, different fields and researches have appeared in all branches of metallurgy, which makes it an attractive field of study and prepare the ground for sustainable development and growth. The term metallurgy is consisted of two Greece words: "metallon" meaning metal and "ergon" meaning work.
In the following, Mr. Rezaii talked about the stages the company went through to build, buy, install and launch the lab. He said: after the registered suggestion was verified, we entered the practical phase of lab establishment. In the beginning, we made a complete list of equipment needed for most of the tests required. Many active specialized laboratories including Malek Ashtar University, Tehran University and Karaj Azad University metal properties labs were visited. After completion of the needed equipment list, with respect to the common policies of the government regarding supporting domestic production, a complete list of domestic manufacturing companies was made, needed inquiries were performed and many of them were visited. Then, after completing the lists of needed equipment and companies manufacturing them, we entered the phase of order and purchase. Hereby, I shall express my gratitude for my colleagues in the logistics unit, who had the best cooperation all through above stages from order registration to delivery. All equipment were selected through consultation with our colleagues in technical inspection unit and testing and delivery of all finished requests was done by me. Along with the stages of purchasing the equipments, construction of the lab building was put on the agenda. By support of our dear manager and endless efforts of our colleagues in the civil and electricity section, the construction operation was finished in the shortest possible time and we entered the phase of installation and launching. In this stage, all the equipments were installed and launched according to the finished designs and localizations by our colleagues from technical inspection section and testing and also training and final delivery was accomplished in the presence of agents from the organization. The mentioned laboratory was physically ready for use in 1396 Ordebehesht, and it was opened in the presence of chief director Jam petrochemical Company, Seyed Hossein Mir Afzali, director of the complex, Seyed Reza Qasemi Shahri, and members of Retirement Fund board directors  and other managers of the company. 
Then he explained about the uniqueness of this lab in the region:
With respect to the performed investigations in the Pars Economic Energy Zone, there is no other laboratory in terms of comprehensiveness and equipments, and Jam Petrochemical Lab is the first laboratory in its kind. We hope to become the reference lab in the region in the near future. It should be noted that the micro-hardness device used in this lab, which was purchased with the support of our dear director, is the only device in the lab that is made overseas and is a very unique, full-automatic and advanced device. This device has been made in Emco TEST Company in Austria and only two instances of this device exist in Iran and this is the third device imported and it can present valuable services. In the following, he referred to the future objectives of this laboratory and measures that will be taken in near future:
Self-sufficiency in testing and investigations of all metal samples and independence in this section
Becoming the reference lab in Asalouyeh
Cooperation with scientific and academic organizations of the region and collaboration in research projects
Performing scientific-research projects and producing scientific articles
Asserting the importance of such a comprehensive lab in the region, Hadi Rezaii noted that: most companies need special types of testing in purchasing, building and different types of failures that take place. These tests are made in several reference labs in Tehran, Isfahan, and Ahwaz. Hence it is a time consuming and costly process. But with completion of different services of this lab, we can present such services in the least possible time and we can also develop proper cooperation and interaction with experts from other companies in the region and use each other's experiences. He also explained about the present services of Jam Petrochemical Lab: presently, we are capable of performing all needed tests including; hot and cold tensile tests, impact test, micro/macro hardness test, performing all stages of metallography from sample preparation to provision of microscopic images, chemical analysis and so on. To date, one project concerning failure analysis on Gear/RA-1022 has been performed with cooperation of Azmouneh Foolad Company and also we have been cooperating with research and technology unit of Jam Petrochemical Company. He then added: to provide formal services for other companies, we have to obtain a series of standards and requirements like 1725 standard, and this has been put on the agenda, and this will be accomplished with cooperation of HSE unit.
Furthermore he added: all tests which are listed in detail in a brochure in the website , can be performed according to common standards in our lab. If the applicant wants the test to be made based on a standard other than ones mentioned in the above list, it will be considered and if possible the test will be made based on the applicant's requested standard. Also, this lab includes physical and mechanical properties of metals solely, and if needed all of applicants can personally visit the lab and receive further explanations.
In the end, Hadi Rezaii expressed his gratitude for engineer Dali Sofi Ahmadi, the director of technical inspection, for his efforts, and managing director of Jam Petrochemical Company, Mr. Seyed Hossein Mirafzali, for his supports and engineer Jafari Far, the director of technical services, and other dear managers and colleagues, who provided invaluable supports in realization of this idea. 
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