Powerful Participation of Jam Petrochemical Company in Plast Eurasia Fair in Turkey

Powerful Participation of Jam Petrochemical Company in Plast Eurasia Fair in Turkey
Jam Petrochemical Company attended Plast Eurasia Fair in Turkey aligned with the Company’s objectives and aimed at national development more actively than the previous years.
According to the report by Public Relations of JAM Petrochemical Company: Plast Eurasia Fair - Turkey as one of most significant events was held from 5 to 8 December in Istanbul City while JAM Petrochemical Company participated more actively than the previous years in alignment with the company’s goals and aimed at national development. The report adds: JAM Petrochemical exhibited his powerful presence in the respective fair aimed at increasing its share in Turkey’s market and export level of non-petroleum products. The fair was a chance for identification of rivals and commercial interactions with other companies and international brands, especially finding enormous markets in Eurasia Region whereas Turkey is regarded as a growing market and it is a great chance for JAM Petrochemical Company to remarkably benefit from this fair.
According to the same report: JAM Petrochemical Pavilion covering an area of 150 m2 in Hall No. 5 (Iran Pavilion) divided into equipped sections namely CIP for medium-level negotiation and VIP for large-scale negotiations appeared so brilliantly that the visitors stood in a waiting queue in several stages in order to raise their concerns and negotiations took place which will ultimately lead to prowess of JAM Petrochemicals in global petrochemical market.
At the same time, elite experts momentarily undertook administration of negotiations in JAM Petrochemical Pavilion for the products including HDPE, LLDPE, PP, DUDENE-1, and ABS-RUBBER in sales and technical scopes. 
Also, the report added: JAM Propylene and TOPCO Istanbul companies as the subsidiary companies attended JAM Petrochemical Pavilion as an integrated group so as to introduce and present JAM’s strategic products in healthy competitive atmosphere. It is noteworthy that Istanbul TOPCO Company plays a key role as the sale agent of petrochemical products in Turkey’s market in Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2018 Fair.
Dec 8, 2018 10:48
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