15% increase in capacity of one of the Jam Petrochemical Olefin units

15% increase in capacity of one of the Jam Petrochemical Olefin units
[With the implementation of the Revamp 106-Olefin Furnace Development Plan and the 90-day test, a 15 percent increase in gas and liquid feed capacity in Jam Petrochemical implemented]
According to the report of Jam Petrochemical Public Relations and International Affairs by implementing a Revamp project on one of the Jam's petrochemical Double burner furnaces in the South Pars Special Economic Energy Zone and completing Stage 106 installation, Performance Test started on 29/9/98.
"Given the importance of ethylene production from gas feed and propylene, gasoline and butadiene from the liquid feed, the project aims to increase gas and liquid feed to 15 percent," said Hassan Moini, deputy director of the Jam Petrochemical Complex and project manager. Jam Petrochemicals and the gaseous feed capacity increase implemented from 40 to 46 tons and fluid from 1 to 2 tons.
Vice President of Jam Petrochemical Complex continued: “on completion of gas furnace performance testing and implementation of this significant project, increase in the time of Hip fracture in gas furnace from 60 to 90 days in jam petrochemical is provided. Moreover, we have been preparing for testing for 80 days for an increase in time of Hip fracture in liquid furnace from 60 to 80 days.”
The project manager explained: “This furnace designed in three parts: burners, radiation and convection coils with the state knowledge and technology, with the participation of an overseas company and efforts of more than 150 experienced and skilled domestic specialists at a cost of over one million Euros. The expectation has been implemented, with this important measure, to increase the capacity of olefin furnaces between 8 and 10 million Euros per year for the Jam Petrochemicals.”
It is worth mentioning that in the functional test, in spite of the low oxygen content of the furnace, the levels of NOX, SO2/Co were within the permissible limit and the environmental performance of the furnace was confirmed.
Jam Petrochemical Complex is one of the largest producers of olefin in the world and polymer products in Iran after a decade of operation and having production units of olefin, heavy and light polyethylene, butadiene and butene1.
Aug 13, 2019 08:30
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