Jam Petrochemical Strategy: Variation in Products and Market Expansion

Jam Petrochemical Strategy: Variation in Products and Market Expansion
"We have overcome sanctions while they are a challenge. We have had no problems with production and foreign sales," Jam Petrochemical CEO said.
On the 13th International IranPlast Exhibition Jam Petrochemical Public Relations and International Affairs reported that Dr. Mohammad Reza Saeedi described Jam Petrochemical Company as one of the major players in the producing of Olefins and Polyolefins. He stated: “We define our own annual and long-term plans as other businesses that we completed on the first half of the last year.”
Jam Petrochemical Director pointed to the plans of the complex: “We pursue growth and development in four areas of market penetration, product development, market development, and product Variation.” Referring to the market penetration program, he said: "It is normal to use the current platform and capacity to seek an increase in market share, improve quality, and improve the process, so we achieve more market share."
Saeedi remained: “In product development, we assigned R&D to develop different grades of this product and expand existing markets based on customer needs. In this strategy, the market realization is preferred for development.” He also pointed to market development and said: "In this area, we are also looking for global markets and more customer relationship.  So we can develop more markets while listening to customer voices as well as to know which products they prefer.”
"We always define new markets, new products, and their variation in our strategies," he said. Dr. Saeedi described the ABS project for downstream polymer products, including programs to produce new products from Jam Petrochemicals. He emphasized that we are looking for a better position in the capital market. "At the moment we are one of the few leading petrochemicals in the country, and we are trying to be among the top 10 companies in the country soon," he said.
Saeedi emphasized that the presence in the world market has been defined since the birth of the Jam Petrochemical: "strong presence, as well as a higher number of products in the world markets, are our strategic approaches and principles. "Our products are exported to Asian countries including China and Turkey, Eurasia and part of Europe," he said. "Of course, sanctions are a challenge, but we have overcome it so far and have no problems with foreign production and sales."
Sep 23, 2019 14:51
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