The celebration of the Jam Petrochemical Female Athletes

The celebration of the Jam Petrochemical Female Athletes
Jam Petrochemical Public Relations reported that the female medalist of the Jam Petrochemical Company celebrated in the national competitions for girls and women Petrochemical Companies with the participation of Ali Sarzaeem, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning of the Ministry of Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare and Mohammad Reza Saeedi CEO of Jam Petrochemical Company.
Ali Sarzaim, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning at the Ministry of Cooperation, Labour and Social Welfare, said: “Sport has a positive impact on the human spirit and alters the human perspective on the world.” He positively assessed the effects of sport on the quality of family relationships and social interactions and expressed hope that the culture of the sport would spread throughout the country and in Iranian families, bringing the overall atmosphere of the country more delightful and refreshing.
Mohammed Reza Saeedi, CEO of Jam Petrochemical Company, called the success of the staff family in all fields, especially sports, a great honor for Jam, adding: “Jam Petrochemical will not prosper unless every staff has a strong and supportive family.” Pointing to the importance of exercise in everyday life, he said: “Certainly a family that has exercised in their program is different and successful. Training is the source of good feeling in the staff and subsequently success for Jam Petrochemical Company.”
In another part of his speech, Saeedi asked the family members of the staff to donate the freshness to the Jam group with their efforts and added: “I hope you will be heroines in all aspects of ethics, child-rearing, sports, and education because these are the basic human attributes. It is healthy and well thought out, and the country needs such people to thrive.”
The national competition for girls and women of Petrochemical Companies competed in seven sports with 16 companies and more than 678 athletes, were held from 23th to 28th of August hosted by Mahshahr Non-Industrial Operations Company. At the end of the ceremony, the female medalists of the national petrochemical girls and women competitions honored with a certificate of appreciation, flowers, and gifts.
Sep 4, 2019 18:55
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