Jam in Global Markets

Jam in Global Markets
Planning for constant presence in the global market is one of the main goals of Jam Petrochemical in the export development of petrochemical products.
Based on Jam Petrochemical Public Relations and International Affairs, the company has joined the K2019 trade fair with its affiliates and the slogan "Innovation, Creativity and Sustainable Solutions." The presence of Jam Petrochemical, in the world's largest plastic industry event, shows the importance of jam as one of the largest olefin producers in the global market.
Dr. Reza Rashedi, research and development manager, said that the company produces about 1 million tonnes of polyolefins each year. Domestic downstream industries, as a consumer of this product, cannot use this amount of production. So, the presence of foreign customers as primary users of the product is necessary. On the other hand, polyolefin plants in Iran are designed at the time of manufacture to transport their products to other countries. Therefore, Jam Petrochemical Company, as the owner of the polyolefin unit in Iran, requires to have a good program for exporting the produced goods.
Planning to be on the global market, presence in related markets, delivering authentic high value-added products, and maintaining a proper distance between the company and customers are good reasons to emphasize the importance of jam in the global market. Thus, according to Dr. Reza Rashidi, the R&D unit attempts to keep the olefin and polyolefin technologies of this complex up-to-date and keep Jam Petrochemical Company as a global company alongside other top competitors and companies in the field.
It is necessary to mention that the K2019 Trade Fair is being held in Düsseldorf Germany from October 16th to 23rd with the up-to-the-minute innovations, the purest ideas, and the latest technologies brought to the exhibitors. Jam Petrochemical Company is in Hall 8B, booth F35 alongside eight Iranian Companies and Petrochemical industry leaders from 61 countries.
Oct 19, 2019 10:34
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