Getting Golden Statute from the Earth Supporter Conference; another honor for Jam Petrochemical Complex

Getting Golden Statute from the Earth Supporter Conference; another honor for Jam Petrochemical Complex
The Earth Supporters Conference was held by attending Oil Minister and Environment Organization assistants as well as some of environment experts at April 28, 2013.

According to Jam Petrochemical Complex public relations, the most important goals of holding the conference can be considered as developing culture and knowledge of supporting the earth against climate changes, raising managers and decision makers’ knowledge in the country industry and its consequences and encouraging them to optimize energy consumption in industry in order to decrease greenhouse gases.

In the Earth Supporter Conference, Environment Organization assistant added: if greenhouse gases emission continues such a way, the Earth temperature will be increased 4-5 C until 2050. All countries and their nations must carry out necessary actions to correct consumption pattern, optimize processes and replacing fossil fuels.

Ali Mohammad Shaeri said: greenhouse gases emission resulted increasing 0.7 C of the Earth in previous 100 years that it has caused many damages such as drought, contagious disease, desert and watery tensions development, appearance of micro sands phenomenon and forest removing. He considered using new and renewable energy as an important solution to manage the crisis.

Human assistant of Environment Organization by considering to this matter that consumption of new energies in our country is very low added: using new energies is more expensive than fossil ones and using them require an appropriate program, which it is not desired in our country unfortunately.

Then there was acknowledged from 70 Earth supporters. Sepahdar Ansari Nik, Jam Petrochemical Complex managing director, could get golden statute of the conference as one of the earth supporters.Mr. Ansari Nik who has attended in the conference in direction with environmental activities and rising the complex principle values to conserve the environment, briefly said: support and like the Earth are values and beliefs of Jam Petrochemical Complex.

Holding exhibition of industries developments, environment photo exhibition, caricature competition and poster with approach of the Earth warming are some of side programs of the conference.


Jun 23, 2013 10:42
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