Effective and preventive actions in Jam Petrochemical Complex and Corona restraint in Assaluyeh

Effective and preventive actions in Jam Petrochemical Complex and Corona restraint in Assaluyeh
Based on the census by Statistical Center of Iran in year 2016 more than 73 thousand people were habitants in Assaluyeh port. However, according to narrative by Bushehr provincial government authorities and regarding the increasing expansion of gas and oil projects by the government and private sector we could also estimate habitants in Assaluyeh more than one hundred thousand people on the verge of year 2021 (1400).

Assaluyeh is the energy treasure of Iran. This port town plays an undeniable role in the process of economic and industrial development of the country.

Islands and port towns of our country are more vulnerable in confronting with epidemic diseases due to scarcity as well as cross-border communications and land border constraints. In the fall and winter of last year which our country got involved in the corona pandemic, port towns such as Assaluyeh as well as islands were not kept safe against Corona damage. Presence of non- native and non- Iranian forces could also create unpredictable consequences for the pandemic in the region.

South Pars Gas-Condensate field has also gathered a diverse demographic composition in Assaluyeh region due to the employment of specialists in the field of energy industry.

From the beginning of dissemination and outbreak of Corona disease in Bushehr province, we have witnessed many warnings from the medical staff of this province and the senior officials of the University of Medical Sciences.

In the last winter, public relation manager of Jam Petrochemical Complex announced the safety of the production space and staff in that time period, and added in explanation of such activities: alongside the safety creation of production space and executing the programs by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, a crisis committee has also been constituted inside the company for preventive actions against the outbreak of Coronavirus in the company.

Ehsan Pouri has also added in explaining new procedures for confronting the virus: controlling entrance and exit gates, thermometry at company entry points, reducing working hours of the entire staff other than the working shifts and implementing the “14 days off, 14 days on” plan for monthly workers are considered as the taken actions in order to prevent the coronavirus.

He stated: the command for absence of the staff with Qom and other cities involved with the disease as the main origin in work place, assigning 2 weeks leave to the staff whom are suffering from high risk diseases such as diabetes, pulmonary and heart problems and the staff with more than 57 years age are also the other taken measures in order to combat the coronavirus.

Pouri also said: removing the commutes, meetings and the entire unnecessary measures and providing and installing disinfectants, closing the restaurant and skipping meals other than breakfast are also the other actions which have taken place until now.

He announced: Continuous disinfection of dormitories, toilets and staff buses, suspending the activities of all contractors until the end of Nowruz holidays, sending daily health messages with preventing and preserving contents are the other preventive actions which have been continuously performed until now.

Due to the mentioned reasons, existence of the epidemic in South Pars region is dangerous. In the last autumn, Dr. Keshmiri, President of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, and in an interview with IRNA news agency, described the epidemic situation in Assaluyeh industrial zone as critical. Due to the same reason, Jam Petrochemical Complex, as a mighty complex under Country State Pension Fund, tried to obtain a great share in confronting Corona in this region by mobilizing its facilities and funds.

According to the evaluation of the officials of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences and the medical staff of Bushehr governorate, the strategic Council of Petrochemicals located in Assaluyeh has spent more than 400 billion Rials for confronting Corona, in which Jam Petrochemical Complex has fortunately a serious attention to immunizing its staff and the habitants in the region by relying on the strategy of protecting the work environment from any specific pests.

Also, the strategic Council of Petrochemicals of Pars zone has taken action to vastly distribute student tablets among towns of South Pars Region in order to help the students and families living there whom faced a stop in educational process with the closure of schools due to Corona, by spending the amount more than 33 billion Rials.

Continuing the health care and preventive measures against virus’s outbreak, an extensive detoxification in Jam Petrochemical working areas and also living places of Assaluyeh residents was done through granting sanitary facilities such as distribution of masks and sanitary gloves in all workshop environments of the company along with extensive disinfection via detergents and anti-coronary solutions in the living and working environment of personnel, and it has fortunately achieved considerable success against Corona.

In this regard, and considering the living problems of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation clients in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, an exercise of donating special livelihood packages was executed in two stages.

The exercise in Assaluyeh was done in partnership with Pars Special Economic Energy Zone and the companies based in the region such as Jam Petrochemical Complex.

The second stage of the faithful donation exercise includes the provision and distribution of one thousand and six hundred and fifty livelihood packages with the value of 8 billion Rials, in which the stage was held with partnership of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, South Pars Gas-Condensate field, petrochemical complexes of Pars, Jam, Pad Jam Polymer, Arya Sasol and Assaluyeh city and village councils.

Livelihood packages granted by Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation of Assaluyeh city contain rice, cooking oil, pasta, types of legumes, pastes and dates which were distributed among the patients of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation of Assaluyeh city.

Previously and during the first stage of the faithful donation exercise, number of one thousand and three hundred livelihood packages were distributed among the patients of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation of Assaluyeh city.

Sense of social responsibility alongside with paying attention to the health of human capital of Jam Petrochemical Complex during the last year resulted in successful management of this industrial complex in confronting Corona.

In such a way that the employees of this company, local authorities and residents of the region believe that it is possible to clean and secure the area and personnel through the help and support of this company in the one-year fight against a dangerous epidemic.

According to the hopeful statements of Dr. Mirza Kouchaki, Doctor of Assaluyeh Oil Health Department, the rate of corona casualties in this industrial area is rather much lower than in other parts of the country.

This appropriate situation of medical health in Assaluyeh is a sequel of collective participation of medical staff, large industrial institutions and companies and the efforts of the people of the region, that we see such a situation exclusively in this part of the country.

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