Holding Health High Council in Jam Petrochemical Complex

Holding Health High Council in Jam Petrochemical Complex
The first session of health high council was held by managing Mr. Ansari Nik, Jam Petrochemical Complex managing director and there were studied related matters of staff general health and results of periodic examinations.

According to Jam Petrochemical Complex public relations, Mr. Yousefi Koodehi, Jam Petrochemical Complex health council secretary, by stating holding the first session of health high council, added: by considering to the first principle of Jam Petrochemical Complex basic values to respect human force and try to maintain and rise the force as one of major goals of the complex, this council was held for studying and planning topics about staff professional and general health and their families as well as facilitate decision making about major matters of health field. This council can develop activities of each related unit in the field because of attending active units' representatives in health field.

Then Mr. Yousefi Koodehi introduced managing director, human resource manager, the complex industrial medicine clinic chief, HSEQ chief, safety and fire extinguish chief, consulter of managing director in health affairs, education manager, public relations manager and productivity unit chief as members of Jam Petrochemical Complex health council.

It is necessary mention that sessions of the council are held every month by managing the complex managing director to study current matters and decision making about health field.

Jun 23, 2013 11:46
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