National Productivity Day Ceremonies in Jam Petrochemical Complex

National Productivity Day Ceremonies in Jam Petrochemical Complex
On the occasion of National Productivity Day there was held a ceremony with the same name in Jam Petrochemical Complex auditorium.

According to report of Jam Petrochemical Complex public relations, the National Productivity Day was held in attending Mr. Daftari, board of directors member of Jam Petrochemical Complex, and some operational managers as well as experts and engineers of the complex.

In the ceremony, Mr. Daftari spoke about importance of productivity in the developed organizations by a simple definition of productivity: “right doing right works”. He defined productivity as maximize utilization from resources, manpower, facilities and … scientifically and reduce production costs, expand markets, employment increase, efforts to increase real wages and improve life standards, as which they benefit for worker, management and all consumers.

He estimated performance procedure of participations’ system in Jam Petrochemical Complex positively and emphasized on using productivity indicators to improve performance of various sectors in the complex.

This report adds: Mohammadi, secretary of participation and productivity system, mentioned suggestions system importance in success companies by providing a report about suggestions system performance in Jam Petrochemical Complex as well as providing suggestions system history in the world.

He mentioned suggestions system performance in Jam Petrochemical Complex in the current month and informed that expertness committees have studied many suggestions and the study and execution of the suggestions have positive and continuous process.

In another part of the ceremony, the second speaker presented a full report of research center in Jam Petrochemical Complex. Considering to projects toward objectives and missions of Jam Petrochemical Complex were important matters in the report, in addition to provide explanations about how to rise carrying out research projects in the complex. In this section, there were provided a full explanation about three successful implemented projects in Jam Petrochemical Complex, i.e. catalytic, olefin and XF518 projects.

At the end of the ceremony, there were appreciated sample workers and employees by giving remembrance table including sample instructor (Mr. Shahrooz Zaremanesh), sample bidder (Alireza Savari), sample project manager (Mr. Reza Rashedi), sample researcher (Mr. Kamal Afzali), sample firefighter ( Mr. Haji Murad Namavaran), sample athlete (Mr. Massoud Alizadeh) and sample makers (Mr. Abdolreza Izadi, Mr. Nadalipoor and Mr. Pezeshki).

Jun 23, 2013 12:00
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