Catalyst Forbidden, Main Motivation to Catalyst Replace Project

Catalyst Forbidden, Main Motivation to Catalyst Replace Project
Jam Petrochemical Complex participated in National Productivity Festival 2013 by providing three projects. Among them, catalyst replacement project by Dr. Reza Rashedi, Jam Petrochemical Complex R&D chief, was selected as one of the top 10 projects in the festival and got citation.

According to Jam Petrochemical Complex public relations, Dr. Reza Rashedi, Jam Petrochemical Complex R&D chief, considered catalyst forbidden and out of service polyethylene unit as main motivation for catalyst replacement project.

By stating the above mentioned matter, he said: as Jam Petrochemical Complex polyethylene (PE) factory can produce products with diverse polyethylene grades (grade 54) and with different physical and mechanical properties, so it needs materials including catalyst (Titanium based on Magnesium di chloride) and co catalyst (including 3- Ethyl Aluminum, Denor and Ethmore) to produce standard products, in addition to the received feed including ethylene, propylene, butane -1, hexane, … as monomer and co monomer.

About lacking supplying the requested catalyst, he said: the complex license has been issued by Buzzle co., Italy. The licensor has exclusived the catalyst production relative to production process and grades conditions. But as Buzzle Co. has discontinued its business with Jam Petrochemical Complex from 2010, because of the considered boycotts and because of lacking catalyst supplying, the factory was out of service and there were stopped producing 1000 tons polyethylene daily. By considering to effect of this problem solution on the complex performance and its importance, it could result to unlimited stopping 300.000 tons polyethylene unit, if this problem was not solved.

Dr. Rashedi added: this problem damaged 1.200.000 daily on Jam Petrochemical Complex. It resulted to decrease feed supplier unit capacity (olefin and ethylene). But the considered boycotts were removed by solving this problem in addition to solve the above – mentioned matter and there were gained considerable results about Siglernata catalysts in industrial scale. By considering to the considered boycotts and if the matter was not paid attention, the complex could not provide catalyst and the factory was out from production line for unlimited time.

By appreciating team members, he considered correct studying articles and evaluating Siglernata catalysts behavior in different conditions, ability for evaluating and according laboratory and industrial morphologic properties, complete domination of team on polyethylene production technology (sphrilin unit) and team working to launch the complex as considerable abilities of the team members.

Dr. Rashedi, Jam Petrochemical Complex R&D chief, about future programs to develop such projects said: in future, we will study catalysts with more co manager butane 1 to develop grades.

He also added: as research system is an appropriate field to develop the country, so it is expected from respected and expert managers to continue their support about this matter, and they will be powerful supports for such projects.

Jun 23, 2013 13:13
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