Visiting Chinaplast 2013 Exhibition; an Extraordinary Field for Marketing Jam Petrochmical Complex Chemical and Polymer Products

Visiting Chinaplast 2013 Exhibition; an Extraordinary Field for Marketing Jam Petrochmical Complex Chemical and Polymer Products
Chinaplast 2013 Exhibition was held in Guangzhou, China, from May 20-23, 2013. This international event, as the largest lower part plastic industries exhibitions in the world, is extraordinary field for marketing Jam Petrochmical Complex chemical and polymer Products as well as total petrochemical industry of the country. By considering to this matter, Jam Petrochmical Complex participated in the international conference as a 6-person team contained production and sale exports.

According to Jam Petrochmical Complex public relations, Mr. Hasan Farahi, the complex marketing and sale supervisor and one of the visitors team by stating the above-mentioned matter, considered participating in the exhibition useful and said that it was held in three main following sectors:

-          Producers of polymer products and plastic industry primary materials;

-          Producers and suppliers of plastic industry, parts and molds;

-          Printing machinery for plastic industry.

Jam Petrochmical Complex, as one of pioneer petrochemical companies and the largest olefins and poly olefins producer of the country plays an important role to provide polymer market needs of China. There are exported about 70% of the complex export products to China, so direct relation with China market through Chinaplast Exhibition plays key role about this matter because the exhibition is the largest meeting of polymer products’ consumers.

About positive effects of the exhibition for marketing and decision making to produce high value added grades, he said: during the exhibition, almost all major customers of the complex products discussed about bilateral interactions to facilitate purchasing the complex products in compressed sessions.

There was requested from all customers to identify a list of high consumed grades in China market to sale office as final market feedbacks. This list contains correct information that it can play key role to select the complex produced products in future months. In addition, many China traders informed their readiness to purchase the complex chemical and polymer products.

About Jam Petrochmical Complex products level and position in comparison with other brands, Farahi said: fortunately, Jam Petrochmical Complex petrochemical products have been identified as a famous brand inside and outside the country. When we talk about Jam Petrochmical Complex petrochemical products, the considered customer does not ask about quality and his/her main matter is the products price because the complex products are produced in a factory that uses update facilities and technologies; therefore, final consumers will be satisfied.

About new packaging of polymer products bags, he said that Jam Petrochmical Complex petrochemical products will be exported by customized design and packing from July 2013 by the issued permission of the complex managing director.

One of negative points in the exhibition was to participate Iranian companies separately in different halls, while Iran petrochemical industry requires that all Iranian petrochemical companies supply their products in a special hall under name Iran Hall. It is necessary to mention that countries like Germany and Taiwan allocated special halls under their name in the exhibition.

One of creative and innovative patterns in the exhibition was Mitsubishi Co. that innovated a set of lower part plastic industry and higher parts industries by creating a plastic holding to increase profit with creating longer value chain. This pattern can be followed by facilitating Jam Petrochmical Complex Sanatkaran Co. for creating a plastic holding in Jam Petrochmical Complex.

Finally, about participating in Chinaplast 2014 Exhibition (April 20-23), he said: Jam Petrochmical Complex has begun its discussions to allocate a pavilion with 100 square meter in the next exhibition.

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