Developing Petrochemical Products Value Chain, the Boycotts Exit

Developing Petrochemical Products Value Chain, the Boycotts Exit
During holding 4th conference of Pars – Asaluyeh petrochemical companies managing directors, Mr. Abdol-Hossein Bayat, Oil Minister assistant and managing director of National Petrochemical Industries visited from Jam Petrochemical Complex and Phase 2 Project (Styrn Park).

According to Jam Petrochemical Complex public relations, Mr. Bayat considered Jam Petrochemical Complex as one of the most appropriate companies of petrochemical industries because of production and quality. About Jam Petrochemical Complex position in the country petrochemical industry, he said: “Jam Petrochemical Complex plays an effective role in the country petrochemical industry and it produces products that they are considered in local and foreign markets fortunately. The complex production conditions have been very good and appropriate from operation time till now and it can be said to its shareholders that they can see to the complex and its future confidentially. Jam Petrochemical Complex can be developed day by day and can be formed as an important holding by future perspective.

About reviewing National Petrochemical Industries’ strategies to overcome the boycotts, he said: in fact, these reviews have been formed from ago and some of them have been executed fortunately by different techniques. We do not see matters permanently and because of the boycotts.

He continued: the main National Petrochemical Industries’ strategies are matters that they will be led to overcome the boycotts as well as rounding them and all of them play effect role in the country economy. Therefore, if we follow to develop value chain and we begin our actions from companies such as Jam Petrochemical Complex and if we move to a destination to produce and export final products rather than semi raw petrochemical products, then anyone can not boycott us or forbid our production and export.

Jul 9, 2013 08:53
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