The Plan to Replace Catalyst is Going to Get Global Benchmarking Reward in Singapore

The Plan to Replace Catalyst is Going to Get Global Benchmarking Reward in Singapore
Research and Development unit in cooperation with Jam Petrochemical Complex exploitation unit want to represent the most exploitative plan of the country in international competition field i.e. Global Benchmarking Reward in Singapore.

According to Jam Petrochemical Complex public relations, Dr. Rashedi, Research and Development manager, said about replacing catalyst: after getting Productivity National Statute, now we should compete in international field. After successful the first phase of replacing catalyst in polyethylene unit, there is planning to execute the second phase, in order to optimize production process as well as develop grades.

Rashedi said: we express proudly that the plan execution has more than 65 million dollar benefit for the complex annually and we are ready to execute the plan in similar units and transit the experience to other units.

He said: our paces were stronger in the path because of having the skilled and experienced human force in execution field and one-year studying performance of the replaced catalyst. Therefore, we want to move in direction with continuous improving production conditions in the second phase, and inform great companies by providing the experience in the global benchmarking reward, in addition to bring up name of Jam Petrochemical Complex, and challenge it by hearing justice of international experts beside the best operational experiences in the world.

He said: after Buzzle boycotts and stopping catalyst production for polyethylene unit, it was removed from production cycle. Iranian talent and efforts of the land engineers resulted again and there were taken necessary actions to replace the boycotted catalyst after comprehensive studies, correct experiments and its successful execution in semi industrial and industrial units. By doing this, polyethylene 300,000 tons was placed in production cycle by 110% formal capacity again.

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Aug 21, 2013 14:25
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