Designing and Making Tube Cleaner EX Machine by Local Experts of Jam Petrochemical Complex

Designing and Making Tube Cleaner EX Machine by Local Experts of Jam Petrochemical Complex
For the first time in the country, Two Nozzles Variable Cycle Tube Cleaner EX Machine was made by Jam Petrochemical Complex local experts.

Mr. Ab-ol-Reza Izadi, manager of repair services and the project manager, explained details of the important local project:

Pipe-continuous exchangers are the most important equipments of productive units of the complex and their dimensions and sizes are varying. These exchangers need to clean and remove sediments in the identified periods based on their work situation and nature, in order to get suitable efficiency.

Izadi said: these exchangers were cleaned and removed sediments by Shop Exchanger previously and the unit workers carried out hard work of cleaning exchangers by special devices and equipments.

He said: tube bundle is the hardest action in cleaning operations because it has been made from many pipes, which their inside and outside sections should be cleaned. The pipes’ outside section, which it is parallel and located in short distance from each other, is cleaned by water jet and using gun. Their inside sections are not cleaned by only one device. There are used one or more devices to clean inside section by considering to sediment type.

Izadi explained: lance or flaxy-bel-lance are the first equipments that are used as cleaner and they are connected to water jet directly and they move in the pipes by 200 to 3000 bar water pressure and open the path. This method is used to open exchangers and pipes with low sediments and its path is opened by one or two times of lance moving. In many cases, using only lance to clean pipes because of sediments severity inside tubes, or it can be used because of compressing sediments inside pipes. Tube Cleaner machine is used for such cases.

Manager of repairing unit said: these equipments are the most effective ones to clean and remove sediments inside pipes. The new machine open and remove sediments inside pipes by hydro mechanical mechanism. Tube Cleaner machine is made by a few companies in the world, which Power Master Co. and Air Tools Co. are the most important companies in this field. We moved toward design and make local Tube Cleaner machine because of severe and emergency need of Shop exchanger unit to Tube Cleaner, lack of access to products of the companies and lack of similar local case inside the country.

He also said: there was established R&D unit to access this important objective, in order to perform the machine design by knowledge, experience, creativity and potential of the unit forces as continuous and defined.

He said: this unit was established in August 2012. After establishing the unit and choosing personnel, the project was defined and its study works were begun immediately. The primary designs were provided after some times and final design was approved after comprehensive studies and design work was performed in computer designing phase. All design and mapping operations were carried out by computer. This machine iwas designed and made as which it has high efficiency from technical, safety, repair, maintenance and efficiency viewpoint and it has been proved in all performed tests on the machine. For example, olefin unit 501 A exchanger in Jam Petrochemical Complex as one of the hardest exchangers was cleaned by the machine for the last time.

Izadi expressed advantages of the designed machine: some of advantages of the machine include high safety to work inside the complex sites, high speed and power and efficiency, cycle change ability, low costs, possibility of making its parts inside the complex, using two nozzles simultaneously, possibility of remote control the machine by operator, easy and fast repair and maintenance and high quality and strength.

He emphasized: the most important advantage of the machine is considerable economic and financial saving for Jam Petrochemical Complex, as which the machine will able to save 7,000,000,000 Rls. for the complex annually, based on the performed estimations. The mentioned machine has been made by cooperating different teamwork and we acknowledge from all active personnel. The machine was tested continuously about three months in Jam Petrochemical Complex exchangers successfully.

It is necessary to mention that ther will be mad similar two Tube Cleaner in near future. It is necessary ti acknowledge round-the-clock efforts of industrial designing and mapping as well as manufacture and assemble efforts.

Aug 21, 2013 15:05
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