Beginning Jam Petrochemical Complex ‍Clipart

Beginning Jam Petrochemical Complex ‍Clipart
Jam Petrochemical Complex clipart began by assisting the complex management

According to Jam Petrochemical Complex public relations, Mr. Mohammad Reza Beigi, Jam Petrochemical Complex public relations’ manager, by saying the above matter, considered creating appropriate relations between the complex beneficiaries as the clipart making objective. He said: nowadays, large companies use different methods to introduce their complexes to beneficiaries’ society and they enjoy to profit advertising devices, which clipart or companies’ special song can be considered as one of the devices. For this purpose and affecting local and foreign beneficiaries’ society, Jam Petrochemical Complex management decided to use all capacities and potentials of the complex as well as experts outside the organization in this important matter. After one month from beginning the project and arranging its melody and poet, , the clipart composer team could record its related plans by helping some of Jam Petrochemical Complex colleagues yesterday.

While he thanking Jam Petrochemical Complex management and board of directors for providing opportunities to create fine cultural works, he said: the cultural work is the second imaginary production of Jam Petrochemical Complex in the current year, because there has been a project of producing a short film about safety and protecting matters, in order to acquaint visitors from the complex.

In continuous, he hoped that we will see unveiling from the fine cultural work in near future.

Aug 26, 2013 15:16
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