There Was Held JAM Petrochemical Complex HSEQ Maneuver

There Was Held JAM Petrochemical Complex HSEQ Maneuver
HSEQ Maneuver Was Held with Pars HSEQ Affairs Coordination and Arrangements

According to JAM petrochemical complex public relations, a maneuver with coordination and arrangement of Pars HSEQ Affairs was held yesterday. The purpose of this maneuver, with the title “severe leakage from E-503 in olefin unit”, was to provide more readiness and fast reaction in emergencies and incidents.

The report add that in this maneuver, in addition to the formation of general headquarters with the presence of delegates and representatives of olefin exploitation units, public relations, safety, and fire fighting institutes of central stations, Borzouyeh and Terminals and Tanks companies, and others the issue was investigated, planning was done, and necessary actions were taken which lasted for about an hour in order to control the incidents.

During incident control operations, two guys were considered as imaginary injured ones and were taken to the complex clinic in order to practice S&R.

At the end of the event, Mr. Enayati, the Chief of the safety and fire fighting institute of the complex thanked all the colleagues who provided the necessary conditions in order for this maneuver to be held.

Sep 29, 2013 14:15
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