Commencement of Overhaul Operations in JAM Petrochemical Complex

Commencement of Overhaul Operations in JAM Petrochemical Complex
As per the time schedule, the one-month overhaul operations of JAM petrochemical complex have started on October 12, 2013

According to JAM petrochemical complex public relations, Mr. Hassan Ali Pakravan, the president of JAM petrochemical complex, named the main works to be done in this one-month period as tip flare; drum 909 switch; Dcook, 121 and 122 drums switches; DC line improvement; compressor 102 installation; electric motor compressors 301 installation; mechanical seal and ESD system switches. Most works and prerequisites of ESD systems switches, which are being done with the presence of Yokogawa company representatives for fourteen days, have been done by Maintenance Engineering Office.

Further, he added that the most important thing is safety which has already been announced to all sectors and contractors and all have been obliged to follow the safety regulations of the complex.

Of note, as per the plan scheduled by National Petrochemical Company, the overhaul operations concurrent with JAM petrochemical company are also being done in Pars and Borzouyeh companies.

According to this plan, after completing the overhaul operations, Olefin Unit will be ready to start working on November 4, 2013.
Oct 19, 2013 09:55
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