The Company Directors’ Effective and Practical Support of the Suggestion System

The Company Directors’ Effective and Practical Support of the Suggestion System
The Secretary General of the suggestion system said, “The manager’s special attention and continuous following up have resulted in reinforcement and increasing growth and improvement of the suggestion system”.

According to Jam petrochemical complex public relations, Mr. Azad Mohammadi Cham Bolbol, the secretary general of Jam petrochemical company suggestion system, said that the suggestion system includes receiving suggestions, considering suggestions, approving suggestions, implementing suggestions, assessing suggestions, rendering cash and non-cash rewards, investigating the proposers’ grievances, holding central committee meetings, giving required feedbacks to all colleagues and improvement management. “In designing internal processes of the suggestion system, special attention is paid to the quality of the processes; however, there is still a long way to achieve the desired situation”. Mr. Mohammadi Cham Bolbol also presented a report of the suggestion system and the meetings held in complex units as follow:

From among the received suggestions, Mr. Ameri’s suggestion, one of the colleagues in HDPE unit, was considered significant because of its reducing the annual expenses up to 30 billion Tomans. The suggestion was that by making the Bucket Wheel (No. Al-5001) smaller in HDPE unit, the maximum capacity of Extrusion unit can be reached. Another suggestion worth considering was Mr. Allahyari’s, the workplace relations expert, implemented with the cooperation of Mr. Nik Akhtar, the Head of the executive management information unit. The suggestion was to mechanize the follow-up system of complementary insurance compensations so that the organization can benefit from its noticeable welfare and environmental effect. From among active proposers in the last 8 months Mr. Alireza Savari (Staff Unit Assistant), Mehdi Hamidi (HDPE Unit Assistant), Hojatolah Momeni (The Chief of Training Office), Abolfazl Razavi (The Chief Shift of HDPE Unit Control Room), Afshin Rahmani (The Head of Loading Product Store), and Ms. Zahra Ghaffarpour (The Shift of Olefin Exploitation Unit Control Room) can be named.

Considering the number of held meetings, the safety and fire extinguishing units were leaders among the committees by holding seven meetings to consider the suggestions. Mr. Mohammad Reza Mohammad Beiki, the chief of public relations, considered the suggestion system as a good opportunity for the improvement of the public relations and for the colleagues to express their ideas and bring up their suggestions.

One of the suggestions, which is about to be implemented by his support, is a one-day training course for the recruits of the exploitation units. “Finally, I would like to thank all directors of the suggestion system who have great responsibilities in different units and are doing their best. For the time being, there is a constructive cooperation and interaction between the directors of the suggestion system, the managers and chiefs of the units.”

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