Human Resources as the Greatest Asset of Jam Petrochemical Company

Human Resources as the Greatest Asset of Jam Petrochemical Company
Mr. Hashem Zadeh, the managing director of Jam petrochemical company, named Jam human resources and the greatest asset of this company.

According to Jam petrochemical complex public relations, in his interview with the company public relations, Mr. Hashem Zadeh, the managing director of Jam petrochemical company, said that the greatest asset of Jam company is its human resources and its main asset consists of those unknown people who are endeavoring and functioning in the first line of production and work. He continued: “The personnel is the precious and worthwhile asset of this company, the Ministry of Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare and our country-Iran”.

Mr. Hashem Zadeh said, “I hope, on the day that I am supposed to shift this onus, which is on me for the time being, onto another person, I will be able to defend all my functions and demonstrate an acceptable profile.”

Pointing to the demanding job and great responsibility of the managing director of Jam petrochemical company, he stated “from now, I am the representative of a group of hardworking people and experts who are working in this area and I hope to develop this company and make it flourish with your cooperation and collaboration.”

Having pointed to the “political epic, economic epic” name specified for the current year by the supreme leader of Iran who has also showed the main direction of the country for all, the managing director of Jam petrochemical company pointed out: “our role in economic arena is serious and determinant. We should try to make “the economic epic” work out in our complex based on the current government’s policies and by doing our duties in the best way and relying on the company internal capabilities. In this way, I ask all of our colleagues to give us a hand so that we can expedite the petrochemical ascendency.”

Having thanked the respectable minister of the Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare and his assistant, the respectable managing director of Civil Servants Pension Fund and the board of directors, he added: “I can show the outcomes of their trust on me by my defensible performance and in this way I will make use of all capacities”.

In continuation, Mr. Hashem Zadeh thanked the attempts of previous managing directors and board of directors and acknowledged that the current position of Jam petrochemical complex is the result of all their attempts.

He acknowledged that the criterion for Jam petrochemical company activities is compliance with the regulations and implementing the complex policies. Further, he emphasized that in this way, all capabilities and competencies of people will be used to achieve the company goals so that with their attempts in a short run, impressive presence in business market, stock market and also by making use of all available capacities we can provide the feed of the complex. Meanwhile, with impressive presence in the region and world markets we will have some priorities which will be achieved by all colleagues’ determination and attempts. I hope, by the grace of God, we will reach the acme.

Dec 2, 2013 10:21
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