Paying Attention to Human Force as One of the Main Principles of JPC Managing Director and Board of Directors’ Policies

Paying Attention to Human Force as One of the Main Principles of JPC Managing Director and Board of Directors’ Policies
The Chief of JPC Human Force Committee explained about the enactments in this committee.

According to JPC public relations, Mr, Daftari, the chief of Human Force Committee and one of the BD members made reference to JPC managing director’s guidelines regarding respecting the company staff and said: “Human force as the company social asset plays a very important role in the development of the company. From the respectable managing director, Mr. Hashemzadeh’s special view making use of knowledgeable, expert, committed and loyal staff is the most important factor for the company success; hence, the first priority of the company should be providing and maintaining the staff satisfaction.” He continued, “the effectiveness of different units including production and service units depends on the existence of an experienced and hard-working human force; for sure, moving toward development and cultural and economic completion at different levels and various sectors of the company cannot be achieved without the presence of such staff.”

Based on JPC managing director’s guideline, i.e., “Human force should be considered as the greatest asset of Jam petrochemical complex”, he highlighted using staff’s specific capabilities as the main policy of human resource management and said: “based on this guideline, the key factor to increase JPC productivity is improving the staff’s quality of working life.”

Mr. Daftari said: “In order to appreciate all colleagues’ attempts in the overhaul operations some awards are considered for all JPC and Jam Sanatkaran personnel. Further, in order to run independent payment system, all amounts payable with Naft cards will be paid with Jam cards.” He also pointed to another enactment of Human Force Committee related to some awards and remunerations such as birthday gift cards which will be given to the staff as before.

Having pointed to salary and bonus payment on the due time, he added: “from now on, the salary of Jam Sanatkaran Company staff will be paid on 25th of each month, and from next month this rule will also be applied for JPC staff. Moreover, a 60000000Rials loan has been approved in Human Force Committee to be allocated to those who are going to marry for the first time with the greatest expedition in payment as the managing director emphasized.”

Pointing to Basij week, he said that it has been approved to give gift cards to Basijies, the holly defense martyrs and altruists.

Mr. Daftari continued: “paying attention to human force is one of the main policies of JPC Board of Directors and tributes will be pouring in for the complex staff in order to appreciate their attempts.”

Having appreciated and supported Mr. Hashemzadeh’s viewpoints and constructive and dynamic ideas in the meeting, held on December 10, 2013, Mr. Daftari asked all directors and chiefs of units to reinforce and support the managing director’s viewpoints by publishing and explaining it across the complex.

Dec 15, 2013 08:19
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