Upward Trend of JPC Stock Quote

Upward Trend of JPC Stock Quote
Increase in the world petrochemicals price (High density Poly Ethylene) caused an increase in JPC earnings.

According to JPC public relations, regarding the stock quote trend, Ms. Mallihe Alifari, the chief of JPC stock affairs and economic analysis, said that Jam petrochemical complex is one of the world’s biggest production units for Olefin products the construction operation of which started in the year 2000 by National Iranian Petrochemical Company and was being exploited in 2000s. The geographical situation of this company in the special economic region of South Pars in Asalooyeh makes feed receiving and product exporting quite easy.

Alifari said: “for the time being, the right amount of feed is being delivered on time and the corporate production lines have no problem in this regard. As a result, the attention of those who are active in stock market has been attracted to JPC stock in a way that currently JPC has fourteen thousand real and legal shareholders.”

The chief of JPC stock affairs and economic analysis continued: “signing the agreement between Iran and 5+1 group and decrease in sanctions have resulted in increased demands and sales. On the other hand, increase in the world petrochemicals price especially high density Poly Ethylene, which is the main product of JPC, has caused an increase in the company earnings based on which positive balance in the budget of 2014 is predictable.”

Of note, according to this and the existence of expert and committed workforce in this complex, the upward trend of JPC stock quote in the recent month is justifiable which will continue constantly in the future.

Dec 28, 2013 12:01
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