Inaugurating JPC Mosque

Inaugurating JPC Mosque
JPC mosque was inaugurated by group prayer leaded by Seyyed Ali Hashemi Nejad who leads Friday prayers in Asalooyeh.

According to JPC public relations, the inauguration ceremony of this mosque, which has been constructed following the architecture of Atigh Mosque in Shiraz province and is one the most beautiful building in South Pars region, commenced with Quran recitation and after that the door of the mosque was opened by Seyyed Ali Hashemi Nejad who leads Friday prayers in Asalooyeh and leaded group prayer at noon in this mosque.

This report adds: After praying at noon, Mr. Ramezanali Amouzadeh Araei, the managing director of Jam Sanatkaran petrochemical company and the executive officer of the mosque project said, “today is a blessed day for Jam petrochemical complex and the inauguration of this cultural-religious building which shines like a diamond in Persian Gulf is a great achievement and honor for the personnel of Jam Petrochemical and Jam Sanatkaran companies.”

Mr. Amoozadeh Arayie added, “JPC mosque which has been constructed by the attempts of JPC general engineers as consultants and supervisors and Jam Sanatkaran staff in an area of about 3500 square meter has a capacity of about 500 people (400 men and 100 women). There are two floors below the mosque. One of them is allocated to ablution room, toilets, and employees ‘Savings Fund’ unit and another one contains two amphitheatres with 400 people capacity which has the potentiality to change into a passive defense and 500 people capacity. The total budget of this project is 17000000000Tomans most of which has been provided. The two floors below the mosque will be inaugurated till Norooz.”

He continued, “Another project which will be inaugurated in Decade of Fajr is Mashhad apartment hotel that can accommodate the personnel during their stay in Mashhad. JPC main entrance project as well as Phase II project in industrial development plans section are also being done with determination.”

He said, “Founding such spiritual building is an everlasting action which is mentioned in holly Quran, too and will bring reward and well-being for all dears who participated in this project.”

Of note, in this ceremony, Mr. Mohammadyar Daftari, the BD member of Jam Petrochemical Company; Mr. Hassanali Pakravan, JPC president; and some JPC managers, Heads and staff were present.

Dec 28, 2013 13:58
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