Enhancing Production Capacity as the First Priority of Jam Petrochemical Company

Enhancing Production Capacity as the First Priority of Jam Petrochemical Company
Mr. Mohammad Hashemzadeh, JPC managing director, pronounced the five priority of his plan.

According to JPC public relation, having attended the general assembly held on December 30, 2013 with the presence of JPC shareholders, BD members and the managing director in Molana hall in IRIB International Conference Center (IICC), Mr. Mohammad Hashemzadeh, JPC managing director and one of the BD members, welcomed all participants and explained about some done activities, pending projects and future plans of this enormous complex.

He also highlighted the important role of JPC personnel and managers and their hard workings in achieving this success and said, “As the supreme leader of Iran called this year the year of political epic and economic epic, it is incumbent upon us to do our best and try hard to achieve these goals.”

Pointing to the presence of the president of Iran in Pars specific economic region (Asalooyeh), Mr. Hashemzadeh declared that with this visit new hope has been inspired in the hearts of those who work hard in oil and especially petrochemical industry.

He also considered the supports of respectable minister of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare Ministry and his assistant, Dr. Firouzabadi, and the president of CSPF as encouraging factors for the corporate staff and managers and emphasized planning in developmental issues and explained about the five priority of the company.

He mentioned enhancing production capacity as the first and the most significant priority and said that with the cooperation of National Petrochemical Company (NPC) we aim to reach the same nominal capacity as that of different units of the complex.

The second priority is to expedite Phase II project starting and enhance production capacity. “considering the government’s political and economic actions and removal of some sanctions, the two RUBBER and ABS projects will be activated and we try to gain acceptable results in due time.”

Pointing to debates about partnership in Mehr Petro Kimia project with production capacity of 450000tons of Polypropylene and other smaller planned projects and following it up seriously, he said,” the expert technical and engineering team is following up the case quite seriously in order to execute all projects based on defined priorities.”

The third priority is developing commercial qualitative and quantitative actions. Expressing his hope, JPC managing director said that considering the current conditions, we will be able to develop the export of our products to the world markets in the future.

The fourth priority is clear and effective presence in Stock Exchange and financial and monetary markets by making use of domestic and foreign capacities.

Mr. Hashemzadeh specified paying attention to Jam Petrochemical brand as the fifth priority and said, “Since Jam Petrochemical Company has noticeable capabilities, the products of this company with Jam Petrochemical name should be launched and supplied with high quality and based on the world standards in domestic and foreign markets.”

Having thanked all legal and real shareholders of the company, JPC managing director said that the shareholders’ trust is an incentive for the corporate staff and managers. “I hope that with the cooperation of all colleagues in this area, the company will be able to reach development and growth which deserves the name JAM.”

At the end of the meeting, he thanked all invited people for their presence in the meeting and answered some shareholders’ questions. 

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