Expediting the Process of Phase II Project as the Organization’s Major Need

Expediting the Process of Phase II Project as the Organization’s Major Need
Mr. Mehdi Hajbagheri, the plans and executive manager, said that the progress of Phase II project has been 12.2% and we hope to complete the project with the cooperation of all involved till the end of the year 2017.

According to JPC public relations, regarding the progress of phase II project, Mr. Mehdi Hajbagheri said, “following the visit of the respectable deputy minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare Ministry from Phase II project (ABS/RUBBER) in December and the managing director’s support, an incentive was created among the colleagues involved in Phase II project, Jam Sanatkaran Company and other contractors to expedite the progress of the project as much as possible.

The plans and executive manager added: By removal of some sanctions and reducing some related problems, purchasing the equipments can be done more quickly and easily which will, for sure, expedite the construction operations of the project in return. Another issue which is also under investigation is getting involved in projects which in addition to completing the value chain will result in more profitability for the company. In this regard, some debates are done with Parsian bank about partnership in Mehr Petro Kimia project (changing Propane to Propylene and then Polypropylene with annual capacity of 450000tons). Obviously, considering the fund of the project which is approximately 28000 billion Rials investment the company needs to make use of financial facilities or increase the investment in order to carry out the two abovementioned projects.

He emphasized that the basis of debates in this regard is certainly taking the management share of the concerned company (above 51%).

Mr. Hajbagheri added: with the first presence of JPC respectable managing director, Mr. Hashemzadeh, in Jam petrochemical complex- Asalooyeh- in the third week of November and his order it was arranged that a committee be formed with JPC respectable president as its president. Different issues will be investigated in this committee namely making decisions about prioritizing and administrative policy, technical decisions especially in providing feed and searching-engineering projects, and defining investment criteria of the projects. Projects such as installing boiler system, designing and manufacturing new gas furnace in Olefin unit, comprehensive studies of the complex electrical system and finding its flaws and fault tracing are being followed up as the first priorities in the meetings of this committee.

In the end, he expressed his hope about achieving great progress in the company’s projects with the attempts of all colleagues.

Jan 18, 2014 10:09
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