“Enhancing the Staff Satisfaction is Our Priority in Human Resource Committee.”

“Enhancing the Staff Satisfaction is Our Priority in Human Resource Committee.”
Mr. Mohammadyar Daftari said, “We believe that the secret of enhancing JPC productivity is in improving the quality of the personnel’s life.”

According to JPC public relations, Mr. Mohammadyar Daftari, the chief of Human Resource Committee and one of BD members, named Jam Petrochemical Company as a successful and leading company in petrochemical industry of the country and expressed his hope about JPC growth and development with the attempts of all colleagues.

Further, regarding the position of HR in this company, he said that human force, as a social asset, plays an important role in the development of the company. From Mr. Hashemzadeh’s, JPC managing director, point of view having knowledge-centered, expert, committed and loyal staff is the most important factor for the company success. Hence, the main priority of the company is specified as attracting and maintaining the staff satisfaction. The efficiency of different units including production and service units depends on the existence of experienced and hard-working human force and for sure moving on the way forward and economic-cultural completion at different levels and in various areas of the company are tied up with these people. Based on the main strategy of the company HR management and JPC managing director’s guidelines, human force has been considered as the greatest asset of Jam Petrochemical Company and making use of the staff’s technical capabilities has been specified as the priority in HR plans. “We believe that the secret of enhancing JPC productivity is in improving the quality of the personnel’s life.”

Regarding arrangements done for human resource welfare, Mr. Mohammadyar Daftari said, “from among approved plans in Human Resource Committee for the welfare of the company human force these plans can be named: approving marriage loan of 60000000Rials payable to JPC staff from the beginning of the new year following the supreme leader’s emphasis on increasing the population; allocating some rewards and remunerations to all JPC and Jam Sanatkaran personnel as a tribute to their attempts and function in overhaul operations; reviving independent payment system, that is all amount payable with Oil card can be paid with Jam card, too; giving bonuses, birthday gift cards, and etc. as before; remitting the salaries into the personnel’s  accounts on twenty-fifth of every month; giving some gifts to Basijis, the holy defense martyrs’ families, altruists, and devotees in commemoration of Basij week; building and equipping some accommodations in Mashhad in order to be used by the staff and their families; planning to provide welfare services for the staff and their families in the north of Iran by making use of the facilities of Shazand Petrochemical Company; implementing the plan of classifying occupations in Jam Sanatkaran Company; and last but not least, observing health, hygiene and safety standards including changing the quality and quantity of Jam Sanatkaran personnel’s food.

At the end, he reemphasized that paying attention to human force is considered as the main principle of the corporate policies. “Steps to tribute these dear colleagues and compensate their attempts are taken one by one in order to help this hard-working complex develop.”

Jan 18, 2014 10:21
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