Jam Petrochemical Complex Music Video Released

Jam Petrochemical Complex Music Video Released
JPC Public Relations Director announced the release of JPC special music video.

According to JPC Public Relations, in celebrations held in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Islamic revolution and the 5th anniversary of exploiting Jam Petrochemical Complex, Mr. Mohammad Reza Mohammad Beiki said that despite sanctions in recent years, with the attempts of internal experts, petrochemical industry has moved forward toward growth and excellence and has achieved more and more success day by day.

He added: Jam Petrochemical Complex is one of successful and leading companies the progressive trend of which, we hope, will continue.

Mr. Mohammad Beiki said that the aim of making this music video is to establish constructive interactions with JPC beneficiary groups. “Currently, great companies make use of different methods and advertising techniques to introduce their systems to the beneficiary society; one of these means is music video or anthem specific to each corporation.

For this purpose and with the aim of influencing both internal and external beneficiary societies, Director of JPC Public Relations decided to make use of JPC capacities, potentials, and external experts to prepare this music video. “In making this cultural and artistic work, approximately one hundred people from among JPC colleagues participated”, he said.

Having thanked JPC management and BD for providing such an excellent opportunity to prepare and present cultural works in the company, Mr. Beiki said, “this cultural work is the second visual work prepared by Jam Petrochemical Complex in one year. Previous visual work was a short film about security and safety points in order to make JPC visitors and clients familiar with such issues.”

Feb 24, 2014 08:26
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