Approvals of Annual General Meeting of JPC

Approvals of Annual General Meeting of JPC
Annual General Meeting of Jam Petrochemical Company (Public Joint Stock) for fiscal year ended Mar 20, 2014

According to public relations office of Jam Petrochemical Company, after reading some verses of holy Koran, Ordinary General Meeting of Jam Petrochemical Company was held with the presence of more than 93% of shareholders or their legal representative, members of the board of directors, legal inspector of the company, representative of Tehran Stock Exchange and representative of Over-The-Counter(OTC) company in Azadegan Hall of Research Institute of Petroleum Industry at southwest side of Azadi Sport Complex at 10:00 am, Monday, Jul 21, 2014. The following decisions were taken: 


1) The financial statements including balance sheet, dated Mar 20, 2014 and profit and loss statement of fiscal year ended Mar 20, 2014 was approved. 
2) It was decided to divide an amount of 14,880 billion Rials (3,100 Rials of each share) from the divisible profit between the shareholders and should be paid to the shareholders up to the specified period mentioned in Commercial Code and the remaining should be paid to the accumulated profit account of the end of period.
3) All transactions subject to the provisions of Article 129 of the Commercial Code amendment described in paragraph 12 of the report of the legal inspector and note no. 34 and financial statements were approved by board of directors and with an emphasis on the provisions of the Commercial Code and articles of association.
4) "Auditing Organization" was elected as the independent auditor and the statutory auditor (main and alternative) for the company's fiscal year ending Mar 20, 2015.
5) Etelaat Public Newspaper was selected for publishing the company notices.
6) The Assembly elected Mr. Seyed Ali Beheshtian as the proxy with the right of substitution to register the minutes of meeting in Companies and Registration Department and for signing deeds and registration books.
Jul 23, 2014 10:19
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