Ghasemi Shahri: every aspect of our jobs must be done in world class basis

Ghasemi Shahri: every aspect of our jobs must be done in world class basis
Working in a company which is enjoying the title of world’s largest Olefin, implies world class activities.

Ghasemi Shahri, new Complex manager of the JPC complex told in his valediction ceremony that I hope I will be able to pay back the complex manager’s trust. We are in service of our great nation.Mentioning the importance of plant management, he added that the day I felt I do not have enough efficiency in this company I left it. 

He also emphasized that Mr. Pakravan has performed great efforts and we will benefit his experiences and will proceed as a team. “Professionalism in petrochemical complexes has always been a hot topic and we need to step in this way in company, complex and regional levels and in JPC, due to its unique size, we are always being zoomed. Of course the best is always in in everyone’s sight.
Highlighting environmental issues importance in South Pars, he told his colleagues: we are here to produce but we should rull out HSE viewpoints and step towards safe and secure production. At the end, he said: using collective wisdom and complex reputation, we can improve our work procedures, implement new ways and I am quite sure that all of regional companies will recognize us as a benchmark.



Dec 2, 2014 13:20
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