Jam petrochemical production achieved record

Jam petrochemical production achieved record
Despite the problems caused by the lack of feed, jam petrochemical company‘s production has stood at 1677474 tons during the past 9 months of this year, which would be considered as a record in manufacturing operation..

according to the available statistics of the  national petrochemical industry system released by the public relations, the jam petrochemical company attained a production capacity of 224826 tons in June this year.

Production control manager of the national petrochemical company in a letter addressed to Mr. Beheshtian, the jam petrochemical CEO, stated:

Despite the problems caused by the lack of feed, the total production of the Complex during the 9 months of the year hit 1677475 tons, which is considered a record in production.

Ali Muhammad Basagh Zadeh added in the letter: this is a success, when, according to the supreme leader’s message, to be  named as the year of economy and culture with the Jihad like determination and management ,indicates , your  management and efforts carried by  all the jam petrochemical complex partners.

He, at the end, by pointing to   the achievements hitting  the production record, noted: I feel obliged to express my deep appreciations & gratitude to all the managers, supervisors, and employees of the Jam Petrochemical company who did all they could to achieve this record and hoped to observe more continued new records by an increase in production.

Olefin units  of the Jam petrochemical complex, has the production capacity of  1320 Million tons of ethylene and 320 thousand polypropylene per year, and the implementation of the project on such a scale, is considered  as one of the most important achievements in the country's petrochemical industry.




Jan 19, 2015 10:57
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