Vapor Recovery Unit Established in Jam Petrochemical Co. (JPC)

Vapor Recovery Unit Established in Jam Petrochemical Co. (JPC)
Managing Director JPC of announced: Vapor recovery unit is established as an independent standby unit in JPC
As reported by Public Relations at JPC, in the ceremony for installation of boiler in the complex, Mir Afzali said: considering dependency of units, specially olefin unit of JPC to water vapor transmitted by Mobin Petrochemical Co. and pressure fluctuations on the way from this company which have happened in the past, a standby vapor recovery unit should be built independently as recognized by process units of the complex. Referring to the fact that  the construction of vapor recovery unit was conducted by domestic experts, he asserted that in 2013, initial studies of the plan were put on the agenda of technical services department and after the engineering department was established for Jam  petrochemical projects, this department followed the process and after announcing capacity of boilers at the said unit by process department to 200 tonnes per hour, tender was held and after investigating qualifications of domestic manufacturers, Garmagostar won the tender for construction and operation of two boilers at JPC ,with the stream production capacity of each 100 tonnes per hour as EPCC.
 He added that in December 2014, the process of manufacturing boilers at Garmagostar Co. was started and considering sanctions, supplying some parts or equipment to be purchased from or manufactured in the west European countries was decelerated and this resulted in some delay in the construction operation. Seyedhossein Mir Afzali asserted that after test in September, main body of Boiler A was loaded to be shipped to Asaluyeh but due to heaviness of equipment (each for 100 tonnes) and limitations as to carrying traffic loads. Boiler was divided into two 35 tonne and 65 tonne parts in Garmagostar Co. and then was carried by two (بوژی). He added that vapor recovery unit structure reached Asaluyeh 40 days later passing 1600 kilometer. After provision of equipment and means, today installation of main body of boiler A was conducted on the southwest wing of JPC
Dec 2, 2015 10:02
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