Jam Sanat Karan

JSK Incorporated in 2007 to optimally exploit oil industry’s highly professional and experienced work force, JSK serves as JAM Petrochemical Company’s major repair and maintenance enterprise. In addition to providing various units of JPC with repair and maintenance services, JSK has also accomplished the construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning processes for two units of JPC. Assisted by its scientific and technical competence, the knowledge and involvement of its highly specialized, committed work force, the huge support of its shareholders and its modern machinery and equipment, JSK ceaselessly attempts to develop and improve the systems, methods and technologies it employs and to turn into an always-a-learner, innovative and globally distinguished enterprise by taking advantage of new approaches and principles of excellence.




1. Brilliant reputation and executive experience in the procurement of repair and maintenance services and of installation and commissioning services in the PARS ENERGY Special Economic Zone;
2. Taking advantage of highly qualified, diligent work force selected from among the best, well experienced specialists;
3. Being equipped with the largest advanced precision tools and repair plants with the latest electrical systems throughout the PARS ENERGY Special Economic Zone;
4. Possessing a broad range of modern heavy machinery (winches, forklift, etc.)


1. Designing and engineering oil, gas and petrochemical industries;
2. Providing repair and maintenance services;
3. Providing construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning services;
4. Providing operational and service support;
5. Trading, supplying and procuring.
100 percent of JAM Sanatkaran Company’s shares are owned by JAM Petrochemical Company.