Paad Energy Development Co

PAD KISH Energy Development Company (TOPCO)

PAD KISH Energy Development Company (TOPCO) was established in 20 May 2014 under the registration number 11360 in Kish Free Trade Zone as an independent company and the trade platform of all Iranian petrochemical complexes, funded with the investment of Jam Petrochemical Company and in accordance with the strategic policies of the same company. TOPCO’s scope of activities encompasses export of petrochemical products, purchase and sales of chemicals and aromatics, petroleum, polymeric, liquid gas, and chemical fertilizer products in domestic and international markets, procurement of oil and gas industry equipment and machinery, and provision of logistic services.

TOPCO’s principal mission is commodity trade, commercial services in domestic and international markets, concentration on petrochemical industry products, establishing connection and interface between the demands and requirements of producers and consumers along with making efforts to reach the benefits of all beneficiaries in a balanced manner for attaining the lofty goals of resistive economy.

TOPCO is 100% owned by JAM Petrochemical Company as a member of the large family of Iranian oil, gas, and petrochemical industry. In addition to exporting products of all Iranian petrochemical complexes to 5 continents of the world, this company holds the responsibility of selling 100% of the JAM Petrochemical Company’s products as well as exporting products of JAM Polypropylene Petrochemical Complex based on the following goals and perspectives:

Goals and Competences

·         Offering the most complete portfolio in the commercial domain for the products of petrochemical, oil, and gas industries, and also, specialized integration of product sales of Iranian petrochemical complexes and refineries in the domestic market (Iran Mercantile Exchange) besides the international market

·         Active participation in markets of five continents via deployment of novel internal marketing methods (exportation to 40 countries up to now)

·         Prevention and avoidance of negative competition in international distribution, supply, and sales aimed at promoting the production brands of Iran’s domestic oil, gas, and petrochemical industries and establishing sales offices in target markets so as to create efficient extensive and capillary distribution networks in different countries across the world with the intention of enhancing market share and improving productivity of petrochemical complexes via implementation of Structured and Coordinated Sales System Management technique

·         Management of foreign currency revenues intended to finance the foreign purchase of the required equipment of producers in the field of oil, gas, and petrochemicals

·         Establishing trade offices in Turkey and renting warehouses in strategic European ports and also planning for opening sales offices in target markets

·         Establishing warehouses in target markets aimed at accelerating the customers’ access to commodities, direct sales of petrochemical and petroleum products from Iranian sources with the purpose of exportation to world markets

·         Completion of sales value chain by manufacturing high-quality polymeric additives and compounds commensurate with the consumers’ demands

·         Rigorous supervision over preparation and packaging processes and saving costs in commodity transport

·         Utilization of better routes and facilities of international transport system