Petrochemiran Company (private joint stock company) aiming for private investment in the petrochemical industry, was established and considering the increase in the number of petrochemical projects, and the lack of a solid structure for the simultaneous performance of these designs in the country’s industry, managing and engineering petrochemical projects was also added to the objectives of Petrochemiran company, and 37.27 percent of this company’s shares belong to Jam Petrochemical.  (5 percent of the shares of Jam poly-propylene Company belong to Petrochemiran.)

Most important activities of Petrochemiran Company:

Establishment, production, setup, and utilization of petrochemical and hydrocarbon processing facilities, and related industries

Making facilities and equipment required for producing and converting different types of petrochemical products

Purchasing and sales, storage, export, and conversion of different types of petrochemical, hydrocarbon, and industrial products and derivatives

Performing operations such as storage, evacuation, and loading

Performing technical, preliminary and final economic justification studies of plans

Detailed design of oil, gas, and petrochemical facilities and industries and purchasing and sales of any kind of securities


This company is proud to form its guidelines in the following three items, using the country’s petrochemical industry experts, technology, and the new management science:

- Using experienced specialists’ abilities and capabilities

- Utilizing the new management science

- Using up-to-date software and hardware facilities


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