HDPE made via Hostalen Process

For transport and stacking crates, particularly bottle crates.

HDPE: HC7260*
  • Exellent ESCR.
Density: 0.960
  • High ESCR rotomolded items Chemical containers.
MFI: 23±3
  • LL-32604:Thermal Antioxidant
  • LL-32604UV: Thermal Antioxidant/ UV Stabilizer

Material properties (This data are typical values and are not to be construed as product specifications)

Test/Composition Unit Typical Value Method
MFR190°/2.16 g/10 min 8 ISO1133
Density g/cm³ 0.960 ISO 1183
MFR190°/5 g/10min 23 ISO1133
Notched Impact (23°c) mJ/mm2 ≥4 ISO179/1eA
  • Test specimen from compression moulded sheet at 23°C.
  • FRR values are statistical and calculated by dividing MFR values
  • Notch Impact Test specimen from compressed moulded sheet 23°C and The data quoted are average values
  • HC7260*
  • 181.61KB
  • پی دی اف
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