HDPE made via Hostalen Process

Tapes tobe used for agricultural packing and as protective cover.

HDPE: HF7740F2
  • Medium melecular low-density grade with a narrow molar mass distribution
Density: 0.944
  • Stretched tape (raffia)
MFI5: 1.8±0.3
  • Antioxidant/Process stabilizer
  • Lubricant (processing aid)/acid scavenger

Material properties (This data are typical values and are not to be construed as product specifications)

Test/Composition Unit Typical Value Test Method
FRR 21.6/5 - 12 -
Density g/cm³ 0.944 ISO 1183
MFR190°/21.6 g/10min 21 IS01133
MFR190°/5 g/10min 1.8 IS01133
Fish Eye Note note <4 internal
Notched Impact (23°c) mJ/mm^ 15 IS0179/1eA
  •  Test speciment from compression moulded sheet at 23° C.
  • FRR values are statistical and calculated by dividing MFR values.
  • Notch impact Test specimen from compressed moulded sheet 23° C and the data quoted are average values.
  • HF7740F2
  • 191.37KB
  • پی دی اف
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