LLDPE made via Spherilene Process

HP-LL18XF5 N is a termopolymer of ethylene, propylene & butene-1 for high strength application especially heavy duty shipping sacks, ice bag, frozen food bags, potato bags and agriculture films which have good sealability and excellent puncture resistance. Goods produced from this grade have outstanding toughness, excellent puncture resistance, good heat sealing behavior and excellent machinability on conversion lines. HP-LLDPE's process is easier than conventional LLDPEs and have low gel. HP-LL18XF5 N is a grade without slip additives.

  • Exellent punctuer resistance.
  • Exellent machinability on conversion lines.
Density: 0.918-0922
  • T-bags & other bags, Food Packaging for frozen products, Agricultural film, Heat seal film, Food Packaging
MFI: 0.5
  • HP-LL18XF5:Thermal Antioxidant/ Anti-blocking/ Slip Agent
  • HP-LL18XF5N:Thermal Antioxidant/ Antiblocking Agent

Material properties (This data are typical values and are not to be construed as product specifications)

Resin Properties Unit Typical Value Test Method
Melt Index g/10 min 0.5 D1238
Density g/cm³ 0.918-0.922 D1505
Film Properties Unit Typical Value Test Method
Dart Impact g 125 D1709
Vicat Softening Point °C 127 D1525
Tensile Strenght at Yield Mpa 11/10 D638
Tensile Strenght at Break Mpa 40/35 D638
Ultimate Elongation % 600/750 D638
Elmendorf Tear g 240/400 D1922
Haze % 30 D1003
Gloss 45° D2457

Handellling and Health Safety

sMolten polymers could be injured skin or eye so safety glasses and appropriate gloves are suggested to prevent possible thermal injuries. Also appropriate ventilation is suggested in working by melt polymer. Accumulation of fines or dust particles that are in this grade is not suitable because of explosion hazard probability. So adequated filters and grounding exists at all time are recommended.


Polyethylene products (in pelletised or powder form) should not be stored in direct sunshine and/or heat radiation. Ultraviolet cause a change in the material properties.The Storage area should be dry and preferably don't exceed 50 °C. Under cool, dry, dark conditions Jam Polymers polyolefin resins are expected to maintain the original material and processing properties for at least 18 month. . JPC would not ressponsible about quality diminishing such as color change, bad smell or ets which caused by bad storage conditions. It is better to process PE resin within 6 months after delivery


Jam Polymers Polyolefin resins are supplied in pllet form packed in 25kg bags. Alternative packaging modes are avalable for selected grades.

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